Case Study

Igor Cristea

Located in Maldova, Igor specializes in Facebook, Google ads and SEO optimization. He works for a young and ambitious company of 5 people.

“OFFEO represents endless possibilities, simple interface, excellent team and nice people. “

About yourself and your business

My name is Igor, I am a back-end and front-end web developer involved in SEO optimization of sites and ad promotion on Google and Facebook.  Feel free to contact me to engage my services.

I’m not an English speaker, so if there are mistakes, please excuse me.


We were looking for the perfect platform for video and image animation, as well as templates for advertising.  OFFEO turned out to be the perfect solution for our business.

With an intuitive interface, and easy to use tools, many possibilities opened up.  It only takes a few hours to learn the platform – it is ingeniously simple and multifunctional!

The frequent and periodic updates and development of the platform are wonderful too.


OFFEO has boosted our post engagement rate, especially for videos. There is greater user interaction and enhanced brand awareness. You can look at our improved post statistics in the image below.

The OFFEO Advantage

From features to price, OFFEO has a lot of advantages over the rivals. The main advantage for me is the unlimited opportunities for the manifestation of my creativity and complete freedom to create any projects.

A set of tools to help me create videos in minutes.

Templates you can get started with today

Petals Product
Beats Pro
Light World
Modern Skater
Colorful Products
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