1. Why use stories?

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– Why should we leverage on Instagram Stories and vertical format?

Why vertical? Think about the good old days when everything was a square.

I truly believe vertical is the new square. It is a new one by one. Way back when Instagram started out, the feed was all made out of cubes, made out square images.

I still remember there were a few Cannes winning campaigns where they really truly embraced sort of like this new format. Square images and square videos, but then obviously cut to maybe 2018, 2019. When we launched stories organically for consumer, for people like you and me it totally changed the game in terms of like how we looked at content.
If you’ve got a full screen on your mobile phone, as mobile companies look to extend and expand like screen sizes, content should fill up the entire real estate on your phone. So vertical our stories.

One of our pioneering and first few formats that truly embraced like in a web type was going and how content needs to evolve to keep up, but also to actually fulfill the needs of people on that surface on your mobile phone, looking at content, how best to actually create the most optimal viewing experience. That said, we truly believe that stories is beyond aspect ratio.

Going vertical. It’s step one right? There’s so many more opportunities
with storytelling and stories is truly not just a vertical video format when stories first launch. I think it totally changed the way Instagram used to be about like the perfect square, the perfect caption, the perfect filter. But stories has introduced a whole new behavior that makes like creation, creativity, connectivity, a lot more effortless and also more frequent as well.

With the tools that were introduced in stories became more like a creation tool. A simple creation that allows you and me to be creative. We use the tools to express and enhance moments and expression. We use the tools to invite participation from our friends. They are opinions. If I need to buy a pair of sneakers, I can’t quite make up my mind.

And I’m using the polling sticker to get my I’ve lost my friends, whether I should trip a drop. If I want to, as a small business, I wanna really get some feedback from my consumers and community. I’m using the questions, go as a way to really strike a conversation, to open up the channels, to have a dialogue between me and my followers, my community, and my consumers as well.

So we’ve stories. I think we really introduced a whole new behavior with all the interesting interactive tools, a whole new visual language and aesthetics as well. Simply because of the unique experiences that are, that comes with the new medium or the new platform. It is a whole new language. I say this all the time.

It’s a whole new language of a storytelling expression, but there’s really few words and guidance by the negative experiences and tools that’s been available for people to use and to express. And I think as creative people that lies the opportunity, but also the responsibility to, to embrace this, to truly master this new language.

So that we can actually create to be authentic, to be relevant, to resonate and truly be people first, in our approach. So I do feel like vertical is step one. And you seen how going vertical has paved the way for how the industry has changed. Samsung has launched a vertical TV with stories.