Lesson 9 – How to use Masks

Welcome to OFFEO. In this video, we will be showing how to use mask in your project.

Navigate to “Stocks” at the left panel of the canvas. Click on “Masks”. There are a variety of masks in different shapes and letters. You can use them to create text masking effect, or simply let your image fits better in the design.

First, select any mask of your choice. Go ahead to resize and reposition it. To replace the image inside, select the mask layer and click on the “Replace Image” button at the top panel. You can replace it with any of our stock images, or your own assets in the “Files” tab. 

By using the same technique, you can create the text masking effect too.

Select the mask of the letters of the text. Place them in the position you like. You can place the original image in the background as a guide. Then, select the individual mask layer and click on the “replace image” button at the top panel. 

And you are done.

That’s all for this video. See you next time!