Lesson 7 – How to Add Animation

Welcome to OFFEO. In this video, we will be showing how to add animation to your design.

In OFFEO, you can control when and how each layer of your design appears.

There are 2 ways to add animation. First, by selecting the layer that you would like to animate, click on the “animate” button at the top panel. Alternatively, navigate your way to the bottom right corner of the canvas to open up the timeline.

Each of these bars represents the duration of that layer appearing in your video. You can increase or reduce it by dragging it from the ends. Drag the whole bar left to make it appear earlier in your video and right to appear later.

There are a total of 3 “+” signs in each bar. They represent 3 different parts in a layer where you can add animation. The left and right “+” signs control the entrance and exit animation respectively. The center “+” sign controls a continuous animation for your layer.

Click on the “+” sign to see a variety of animations you can apply. Mouseover each of them to have a preview of the animations. You can also adjust the speed of the animation in the slider here. Once an animation is selected, the “+” sign changes to a triangle. That’s how you know an animation has been applied.

Pressing the spacebar allows you to preview the animations we have applied. 

That’s all for this video, see you next time!