Lesson 2 – Adding Effects to Image

Welcome to OFFEO. In this video, we will go through how to add effects to your images.

By selecting an image, the top bar will show different options to edit your image.

Filters are a quick way to change the way the image looks as a whole with presets that change the shade and colors. If the filters are not satisfactory, you can change individual adjustment settings in “adjust”, such as tint, hue, contrast and more. 

You can use the crop tool to eliminate unwanted areas or borders of your image.

In OFFEO, you can add effects to your image as well. There are different options you can apply to your image. Once activated, each of these options can be further customized to match your liking. It is possible to activate more than one effect. Have fun and experiment with them.

That’s all for this video, see you next time!