Lesson 19 – Designing with Designer Templates

Welcome to OFFEO. 

There are 3 different ways you can create videos in OFFEO. In this video, we will be showing you how to create a video with Designer Templates.

First, choose the size you would like to start with.

OFFEO has thousands of different templates for various occasions and purposes. Browse through and filter them to find something that you wish to use. You can:

  1.       Filter by colors
  2.       Or Filter by category

Upon rollover, some templates have a “1 of 5”, “1 of 4”, or “1 of 3”. This indicates that the design has multiple scenes for you to choose from. Select from a variety of different scenes to be used.

You will not be restricted to one design, if you want to add scenes from another designer template, you can. Simply add a new scene in the storyboard and select “Designer templates”. 

Mix and match however you like to create your perfect design.

That’s all for this video. See you next time!