Lesson 14 – Customize Your Brand Settings

Welcome to OFFEO. In this video, we will be showing how to customize your brand settings. 

Navigate to “My Brand” at the left panel of the dashboard. Your brand settings will be shown here. 

Click on the “Replace Theme” if you wish to replace your current brand theme.

Here you can replace your brand name, brand color palette and graphic style. 

Go to the next page to set up your brand font style. You can upload your new logo here by selecting “Upload Logo”. Select “Next” when you are done.

You can also upload your logo here at “Brand Logo”. If you have more than one logo uploaded, click to select the default logo for your branded template. 

You can determine the default font that is added to your canvas. Simply head to “Typography” and change the primary font and secondary font. This will replace your “heading” and “sub-heading” fonts in the canvas. 

You can choose from one of our font pairing presets, or simply upload your own font. Use it as the default font by replacing the primary and secondary font. You can also set the default font size. 

Add more color palettes here at the bottom list of “My Brand”. Click on the “+” button to add more colors. Use hex code to specify a color. You can add as much color palettes as required. 

When you create a new project with Branded Templates, there will be a new suite of designs generated according to your brand settings. 

All the added brand color palettes will be shown on the left panel for your convenience.

That’s all for this video. See you next time!