Lesson 11 – Smart Resize

Welcome to OFFEO. In this video, we will be showing how you can resize your design by using our “Smart Resize” tool.

Once you are done with a project, you should maximize its potential on different platforms. That means repurposing it to a different size. 

First, duplicate your original project and enter it. Select “Resize” at the top right corner of the “Storyboard”. 

For customize dimensions, you can key in here at the width and height box. Quickly resize your project into square, vertical or landscape format from the selection here. Click on “See more” to choose from all our common sizes for various social media content. Click to select the size that you need.

Our program will try its best to reposition all the elements to fit into the new size. Do some minor tweaks to perfect the positionings. You can use the tools in “Position” to ease up the repositioning of the elements. 

That’s all for this video. See you next time!