Lesson 1 – How to add text

Welcome to OFFEO, in this video we will go through how to add text to your project.

Navigate to the text tab at the left panel in the canvas.

Here you can add text to your project using heading, sub-heading or body text.  You can find inspiration for font pairings in one of our font templates.

In the top panel you will be able to edit font type, font size, letter spacing, alignment, etc. 

Change the color of your font by selecting the color wheel. Your brand colors will be shown here for your convenience.

It is possible to change the color of your font to a color gradient. Click anywhere in the color slider to add another color point. Use hex codes to specifically select a color that you want. You can also select the direction of the gradient. 

In OFFEO, you can apply “Effects” to your text. There are different options you can apply to each text layer. Once activated, each of these options can be further customised to match your liking. It is possible to activate more than one effect. Have fun and experiment with them.

That’s all for this video. Till next time!