9. How to win in Stories polling ads?

You’ll learn:
– Guidelines to use polling ads effectively.

Okay. polling I think polling is highly tricky. Polling is not, should not be just about slapping a sticker on a video. I think the opportunity with calling here is that you need to be additive to the storyline. It needs to have a purpose. The idea needs to be built around holding. I think that’s the challenge of, we’ve seen a lot of brands.

We’ve seen brands that just simply slap on a polling sticker on a video ad. The sticker. The question has nothing to do with the video. It’s confusing. It’s not making it a delightful experience. Your consumers would not know what to do. Polling needs to be intentionally designed for polling. So here’s an example from My Bra Taiwan, beautiful optimized asset.

With the polling. The question is, they can small. But then they playfully mimic the sticker to show that, whatever size or whatever your preference we’ve got the right one for you. So that’s actually a, quite a fun way of using polling but again, see the polling element it’s very strongly represented in the idea itself is not just a by the way.

It’s not just that because for basic it’s building to how you want to express the benefit or the communication of the message. So some things to watch out for, I think these three steps are really important. You need to invite with an engaging question, keep your ask simple, clear, and purposeful.

You need to resonate with relevant images, make it easy for them to poll. Set the context with images. If it’s apple and orange, show them apple and orange, use animation to play up this element of choice. To drive some urgency in wanting to make up your mind. I talked about boomerang as a good way to show choice state boomerang.

This or that, that’s a nice way I’m showing, pick a choice, make up your mind, what would you prefer? And then obviously the most tricky part of polling is that, it’s not a very smart format, but creatively, you can actually complete the polling experience by following up your question with a change in message and also respond to your question.

And it could be as simple as a call to action to say, swipe up to find out more. This is a good example from photo

Again really playful.

a bit of cheekiness, which is on brand and putting up playfulness. But what I like about this was like, again, very well. At the same time, it’s very intentionally built. They created almost like a game show, a quiz, right? Trivia. Everybody loves trivia. Involve, and invite them with a question, get them to pick a choice, right?

You’ve got relevant images. You play up this element of like choice by using the countdown clock. So you know that at the end of five seconds, something’s coming up at the end or five seconds, you’re going to find out whether you’re right or wrong. So I think we need to set up expectation and they done it down a beautifully using the countdown clock.