8. Are Stories suitable for my brand?

You’ll learn:
– How to make Stories that performs well and align with your brand.

Like I do feel like that’s also one of the key challenges when we first started introducing some light emojis within surfaces, a lot of brands are saying like, that’s not me, but I say this for the past two years, I always believe if you dig into your grants guidebook, that there’s always a page on personality and that page a personality, one of the personalities should, oh, I mean our value, my brand value.

There’s always this element of playfulness and optimism. And I think emojis is your opportunity to play up that side of your brand. Again, visually I think that’s an opportunity for brands also update like their brand guidance beyond the photography style that we normally see the brand logo treatment, the typography templates ranch to start thinking about what are the complimentary.

Brand centric, emojis, they could think about designing some of those elements. What are the how should the brand show up on, on social media tonality as well. And I think that’s the opportunity for brands to update like the brand value and brand guideline, so that it can be part of this conversation.

Again, like we’ve seen a lot of grants redesign some of those elements to make that, make it more on brand, whether it’s an introduction of some of the mascots within the emojis we’ve seen. Wendy’s actually created a suite of emojis using the girl icon, in different expression. I think that’s the fun part of leveraging native elements doesn’t mean just using what’s out there. But then, embracing the opportunity to create your own so that you are enabling your consumers to use those, to communicate as well.

Looking at the examples here, right? So case in point Mercedes, like they have all of our brands, you would think that Mercedes would be like, no, no emojis, no funny icons.

We’ve got to be on brand. So what are they beautifully here? Was that okay. If Mercedes was to do a emoji slider, how would they have designed it? They kept it minimal and they kept it classy. Is sophisticated that we design what it means what emoji slider will look. And they use it to actually communicate the benefits in languages that’s like intuitive to whoever’s looking at it from a stories perspective. Fiverr use it to stretch and show the breadth and length of the article. And then for beaulis familiar stickers and gifys and emojis we’ll use to compliment the key message. So it becomes really much more about story, a visual storytelling without listening. Looking at some of the visual cues, I can understand what the brand is trying to deliver and tell me. I think that’s the beauty of leveraging a lot of the digital elements to ease storytelling.

I think that’s the beauty of some of those playful executions.

You need to surprise people on some other surfaces to say Hey, if you want to make it thumb stopping, you’re going to have to surprise them. And everything’s good.

I all the examples here are quite nicely placed and that, it moves them move through quickly, but at the same time, messaging is very.

So another way as you saw in the earlier stage of making it stories-first it’s interactivity could be native control interactivity. It could be true. Carousel is probably one of the first few interactive formats and also polling ads as well. And I think interactivity is super superpower.

We don’t see any other formats having the ability to give control the ability to involve your consumer in a piece of communication. So here’s a good example of an Alan. Alan is a financial company, a finserv company insurance company based out of France. Again, playing with native control of tap and hold

they have changed the way they normally run story. We’re going to watch the stories optimized version first, here is the optimized

I don’t speak French, but I believe those are the key benefits. Then again, so they thought about this. Okay, we’ve got these benefits. How can we make it more fun and playful? How can we give them fine this otherwise, passive video ad, this is what they did with first stories-first.

so they gave me a five day experience by taking a key message. Their mascot, and in creating almost like a randomized puzzle experience when you can actually tap and hold to complete the picture. And by completing the picture, obviously you get the cute mascot, but also you get the message.