6. Are Images or videos better?

You’ll learn:
– Should you create image or video ads? Which performs better?

I love posters. I love a good print. I always believe if you think about it, the principles of designing a poster should be the same principle as designing a stories ad, it’s vertical, both vertical in a poster.

That’s always a key visual in a poster. There’s always, one key message. There’s going to be a brand up front because it’s, brand just needs to be out front. So everything, every principle that you designed to go across there should be the same principle in designing stories. However, we are seeing like moving images, performing better on platform.

When you think, when we think about video, it’s never like the epic blockbuster. Videos can be a spectrum as well. Cinema, cinema graphs, the good old cinema graph that we don’t talk about them anymore, but they are a classic example of lightweight videos.

They take a print ad and they inject like light motion to make everything come alive. I think that’s the beauty of video makes things come alive, gives your creative energy. And I think that’s why there is value and creating videos with the stills, because video does allow you more opportunities to communicate a message, to tell your story, but also to make your creative a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

There is increased digital video consumption globally because of the situation we are in a world. We are all, turning to social media to be entertained. From one hour, a day, we are seeing consumption increased to four hours a day since April 2020, and video consumption on Facebook.

And Instagram is also on the rise. We’ve seen like more people going on live multiple. You need to, IGTV more people using stories as a way to communicate and catch up and stay up to date with what’s happening to their family and friends. So there is definitely value in video. And I would say video.

Go for video as we continue to expand on the video offerings. But the best way to do it is to test and learn see which resonates with your consumers. If it’s still, what’s better based on your test results, stick to stills. But I would say definitely experiment, explore early to see how videos can work for you.