5. Which performs better? Long-duration video or short video?

You’ll learn:
– Should you create long duration or short duration video for your story ads?

I think so, like as a brand, we’re all somewhat guilty of making sure that we’ve got a good product, our products. Awesome. We’ve got 10 benefits. Let’s talk about 10 benefits, but then we failed to realize that as you design ads, as you design experiences, you’re designing for your end consumer.

You need to know whether, in that shot 15 seconds, are you going to be able to communicate all 10 features. Are the 10 benefits going to stick? So I think that’s something that we need to be mindful for often, being single-minded and creating an experience around one idea. It’s probably better.

Squeezing too many information into the same time period.

The number one rule for me is you got to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer, right? You gotta be creating intuitive experiences by leveraging native behaviors. I think that’s the number one rule. The number two rule is foundation.

Every medium across the history of advertising and communication has its own creative principle. And we need to understand the principles so that we are building for the most optimal experience for our consumer. So going vertical, like I say, it’s important for stories, creativity.

You’re going to think about how your brand shows up. Make sure that your brand shows up early. Motion is really important to make it thumb-stopping sound enhances, that experience. We know sound and music play an important part to drive emotion, but also create a sensory experience. So don’t forget about the sound and it doesn’t have to be an epic what would you call it?

A hand Zimmer kind of soundtrack. Think about sound as complimentary. It needs to be edited. It needs to help you tell that story. And then, think about how you then want to pair some texts to actually give a shout out to draw attention to some focal point. And then the good old call to action at the end of it beyond entertaining and inspiring and informative.

You need to actually help people understand what is the next step to take. Inspire them to actually take it out. So I think those foundations are really important when it comes to creating for stories. And this is before you layer on the stories first approach to how you think about storytelling.