2. How should we plan for stories content?

You’ll learn:
– Tips and Tricks to plan for Stories content.

I think it’s important to understand where your consumer is at. It’s just gonna be challenging if you know that you are creating for a community, that’s on say Instagram. That’s going to be a social activation campaign, you’re developing a 16 by 9 Anthem film.

How is that content going to resonate? We don’t know. How that content is going to perform as well? Maybe not. Only because it’s not created for how the audience is consuming content on that surface. So I think that’s really important to know and on the topic of optimization and it’s also like a creative journey, sophistication, like we’d like to think about, we know we’re not expecting everybody to go from point a to point 10 from, startup.
With feed to go straight into life, creating bespoke for stories first. But that should be a journey as we think about building and learning and evolving and levelling up our creativity every step of the way. Start with optimization going vertical first. And then if you see performance, if you see something like value yeah.

Higher engagement or better performance purposes objectives, then that’s where you can then start investing. Like what more can I do to elevate my storytelling capabilities, to increase like creativity and brand value and affinity to creating the spoke stories for execution

so there’s another like question about optimized versus stories, and I think perhaps we should actually address what we mean by optimized versus stories-first.

What do you mean by optimize? What do you mean by stories first and optimize to some seem like a dirty word. It’s not the most creative which is not wrong. But then there’s also, creativity involved in making sure that you optimize to tell a story in a certain aspect ratio, in a certain duration that stills deliver the key message.

So I’m going to jump in here and say, when we say optimize, it is essentially a feed assets that’s been reframed vertical with no adjustments made to compliment a stories environment. So it is a linear storytelling video, everything that we’ve been optimizing for feed a 15 seconds. That’s just made vertical, right?

So it is a vertical, it is a fit video, but just made vertical. That’s what we mean by optimization for stories. But when it comes to stories-first, it is bespoke. It is ideas, reimagine ideas created specifically for stories-first taken into consideration native experiences, the environment, the design creative tools.

And then this also includes a lot of the spoken specific stories, ad formats like polling and carousels. Cause essentially polling ads and carousel ads are consumer experiences that were built for stories, native experiences, built for beautiful stories that we’ve seen like high take-up rate and also usage from businesses. which is why we introduced them in an ad format as well.

And the actually unique to stories that you don’t see available to in other ad formats within the family or externally in the industry. So I think there’s a difference between optimizing first.