13. The future

I think the future is about platform native ideas, but platform native craft as well. We talk a lot about stories-first. There is an opportunity in thinking about reels-first. How are creators creating on reels what are the trends? What are the visual trends?

What are the humor, what are the genre? How can brands partake in that conversation partake in that moment by leveraging like trends. But also really tapping into creators to form that connection. Form that collaboration model, tapping into the collective creativity on our platform to really extend your reach.

And then obviously. The evolving role of AR is also important. It is technology, everybody embraces technology and it just moves us forward. AR is the bridge between worlds, the one that connects all your different touch points, AR as entertainment, beyond facial enhancement AR as a utility tool

I think these are like creative opportunities. Being vertical, being the first, but what’s next, right? What’s next is going platform native going stories-first, reels-first. Thinking about how do you want to extend your partnership and your brand beyond who you are by partnering with creators and also exploring new opportunities with AR and VR.