12. What’s the best ad placements?

You’ll learn:
– The best ad placements

Ad placements. Yes. Yes. Okay. So we know placement optimization, we know the value of placement optimization. A single asset placed in multiple placements deliver better optimal performance, but there’s an opportunity in placement asset customization, which is giving you the ability to design specific assets for your placement.

I think that’s where, stories-first creativity came from because we saw value in designing specifically for stories. So we do recommend that when you think about, advertising across all the different placements Across FB and IG. When you think about stories, you should be designing for stories-first, as you saw from the case studies before stories-first do outperform stories, optimized.

Think about stories first creative as part of your multi-asset campaign, because we did see from a test. Ran past two years, that when you design for placement. In the case of a campaign ads are 90% more likely to be effective at driving ad recall than non-optimized ads as well. So I think a lot of questions I’m like, okay, so what if I do stories-first?

How’s that going to help with performance? We will always recommend that yes. PO still works, but PO works better with stories-first asset will be our recommendation as you see on screen. Yeah. It’s going to be an increasingly important as we start thinking of, the new formats that are emerging, whether it’s reels, whether it’s branded content.

Every, every medium, every opportunity, every touch point, every piece of communication, whatever they might be, whichever format comes with its own principles. But at the same time when, what together in a situation like this, when you’ve got multi-asset within a campaign, they actually compliment and support each other in making sure that you drive the best results for your campaign, whatever your objective might be.