10. How to win in Carousel Ads?

You’ll learn:
– Design Carousel Ads that are effective and easy to digest.


And then last but not least at the end of five seconds, there is the review, there is the follow up to the question they ask which is the answer. And obviously in this case, playfully, both answers are wrong. Swipe up, learn more about what our offerings are. So taking the benefits and thinking about how they can create experiences around the benefit using the polling sticker.

Really good example.

Some more examples here. Again, Fiverr. What’s more important to you. This and that you pick something, a guess what?. It’s not just all that. We’ve got a suite of offerings it’s going to help make your business better. For Johnny Walker, it’s about flavors, right? What are the two flavors you want?

I think it’s really important to sort of like support your choices by making it easier for them to engage through visual choices.

And then last but not least Citibank it’s about what’s important to you when it comes to like retirement or like planning for your future. They give you choices. You pick one to tell you like, whatever it’s important to you, we’ve got something to help you plan for the future.

So many ways of using polling and I think the example we saw earlier with Photomine. I love it. how they create like a quiz experience out of it. Again very playful.

And then last but not least, I think another interactive format and opportunities with carousel, right? One of the most common mistake we’ve seen with carousel is that people have been using carousel as a way to chop up alone.

I’ve got a spotty five seconds. Let’s use carousel to break it up and do a long video, but that’s not how we consume carousel. We consume carousel by tapping through and experience, right? So look at carousel as a opportunity to create a, choose your adventure, but not much of a choice. But almost like give, give the control to your consumers so that they can tap through the experience based on how fast they’re consuming the content.

I always think if there was gonna be an interactive booklet, carousel is the interactive brochure. If there was going to be like an interactive storytelling experience, carousel is your best format because you are basically allowing people to tap at your own pace.

You read it their own pace to choose how fast you want to consume your story. So again, good example from this brand.

So with the single stories, single cut stories, ad format that you saw earlier, they use tap and hold to play up possible customization opportunities with this new car right? So with carousel. They actually use carousel to take you through the customization journey.

First card invite you in. Have to pick a color when your tap it shows you all the corrects right? And then you’re prompted to tap again, to choose your accessories. So intentionally built using the multiple card formats we pick someone. And again the carousel performed really well much better than these stories optimized.

Again, some tips as you think about creating carousel units, the card one is always about inviting someone into an experience, right? Card two you need to reward them with an experience so that it will type on and on. And in card three you can continue the experience, but always make sure that you end off with a clear call to action.

Another one

It’s from the two examples, you noticed that every car has a very clear purpose, right? One is always about inviting two is about maybe highlighting one feature three. It could be having a separate feature or it could be taking you down the funnel. So really use carousel as a way to take people through a guided journey of your community.

More examples, Fiverr again, taking you through sort of like how they can help you build your business. Again using different cards to highlight different features. So those are the ways to actually use carousel to tell a story, break up your communication into multiple parts.

So it’s easier to digest.