How to create Facebook 3D photo


Create dynamic Facebook 3D Images without Photoshop or any complicated software and post online easily. Design breathtaking three-dimensional images in few simple steps.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to post images to Facebook in a way that it creates a 3D perspective that will definitely stop thumbs from scrolling pass your contents. I hope this tutorial helps you. Hope you like it!

Step 1- Design your image.

Step 2- (2:00) Export image, remember the duration. (2 sec in this example)

Step 3- (2:20) Return to “My Projects”. Duplicate the project and use it to create depth map

Step 4- (2:45) Depth map is in shades of white and black. The white will be front while the black will be the back of the 3D image. Adjust the colours of each layer, reduce the contrast to -100 and vary the brightness accordingly

Step 5- (3:45) Export the depth at the same duration. (2 sec in this example)

Step 6- (3:56) Rename both the images the same, for the depth image, add “_depth” after the name.

Step 7- (4:07) Upload both images together. (Hold on shift to multi select)

Step 8- Facebook will auto generate the 3D Image. Done!