Social Media Stats You Need Know And Actions You Need To Take To Increase Your Likes On Facebook, Instagram And Other Social Platforms 

1. When To Post?

One of the most stressed about first world problems would be what time of the day to post on social media so as to garner the most likes possible. The hour of the day in which your post goes up can very well be the determinant of your social success. To maximise your impressions, you need to know this:

  • The average golden timing to post is between 2pm and 3pm (However this can vary depending on different days of the week)
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to post on social media
  • The worst time to post on social media is between 8pm – 3am
  • Sunday is the worst day to post on social media

In order to properly understand the logic behind this, you will have to analyse consumer behaviour and establish their common social media habits.

80% Of Smartphone Users Check Their Phones Before Brushing Their Teeth. 

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Therefore, you could also consider posting before the break of dawn, 5am-6am so that your followers get an early greeting from you reminding them about your new collection of clothing or exclusive offers available. This gives your followers plenty of time throughout the day to think about your ad. However, this again varies with the day of the week – if you plan on posting during the weekend, the average time people wake up is around 8:10am.

Lunch Hour

The lunch hour is another important thing to take notice of and could possibly be the ideal timing for your followers. On average, people tend to have their lunch at around 11am – 1pm where checking what’s new on social media becomes a routined habit and part of their daily meal.

The “2:30 Feeling”

Earlier this year, the Insider wrote about the “2:30 feeling”. This refers to that wave of mid day fatigue that suddenly rushes over working employees who have now worked non-stop for 5hrs straight . This is a great opportunity for you to send out an exciting social media post to catch the attention of every mentally drained adult seeking a social media fix at 2:30pm.

In Conclusion

There is no one specific perfect timing to post on social media what you have to do now is to test which timing strategy is best for your brand and your customers. If your business has international audiences, focus on your target market and go along with their timing. Understand the ways of your followers and notice their trends on social media to capture as many impressions as possible.

2. Frequency of Posts?

Posting too rarely would result in people forgetting you exist but posting too often is social media suicide where creating unwanted spam would definitely backfire on you and cause your following to fall drastically. Hence it is important to establish a good balance for your brand.

Post At Least 3 Times A Week

In order to ensure that you stick to this minimum, pick 3 days throughout the week and begin scheduling posts to go out each week. Decide what kind of content you want to post on each day.

  • Start of the week: Show off new features, promotions, offerings
  • Mid-Week: Reminders – old products which people have forgotten you have. Mid week is a time in which people tend to search for new products to get into – therefore, take this time to showcase what your brand is made of.
  • End of the Week: This is the time to post about any upcoming events during the weekend. Always end the week with happy and uplifting posts that send your followers positive vibes for making it through the week.

Deciding on a theme for your posts each day creates much smoother social media management and allows the person handling social media to plan many days ahead as well as take note of possible posts for each category.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Interacting with customers is so important but so often neglected. You need to let your followers know you are human, talk to them like a friend, find out what they like and what they don’t. Without engaging your customers on a social level, your business is doomed to fail.

Spend at least 15 mins a day interacting with customers, this means:

  • Responding to anyone who shows interest in your brand
  • Following people followers back, following potential customers
  • Comment on followers’s posts
  • Show appreciation for your followers
  • Send them private messages, start a conversation – this is a great way to hear them out and gather feedback from many
  • Hold contests and giveaways – this should be done once in every 2-3 months to keep your customers excited and engaged.
  • Address complaints and criticism quickly – these customers are the most sensitive to churn. Therefore you need to respond immediately and provide any compensation if need.

Take advantage of different social media platform features. For example Instagram has polls, questionnaires and open questions – these are amazing tools for customer interaction.

4. Ensure You Post Creative and Unique Content

Uploading content at the right time and frequency is just the base of it all. How well you engage audiences is through the content you present to them. With millions of posts showing up on your follower’s feeds every second, you need to think of ways to stand out from the rest.

Use Video Ads

1 in 4 ads on social media is a video, evidently, we are entering a new, video focused social media age. Video ads enable you to tell a story, creating a much better interaction between you and your followers.

All Evidence Points Toward Video Marketing

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