Recart makes more money for your commerce store with abandoned cart campaigns.
With OFFEO, you can create stunning product videos to maximise your sales and engagement.

Here’s how you can do it quickly.

1. Create product videos easily in OFFEO with thousands of templates to choose.

2. Create instant campaigns in Recart.

3. Choose the suitable template

4. Add video in your message

Why is this important
According to Baymand Institute, there’s an average of 69.89% average online shopping cart abandonment rate, millions of dollars are recoverable every month, do not let that gone to waste. Recart has helped businesses generated $135M extra revenue so far, gain the advantage for your business today.
Having good design and motion graphics helps to attract attention with better ad recall.

Here are some product video templates you can use immediately.

Looking forward to seeing how you’ll be using OFFEO to create videos for your cart abandonment campaigns in Recart.
Chao Quan Choo

Chao Quan Choo

UI Designer at OFFEO