7 Video Storytelling Examples in Marketing

June 24, 2023

Storytelling has always been a beloved pastime, allowing people to exercise their imaginations and impact their surroundings. 

However, with the advent of technology, businesses have begun to incorporate video marketing into their strategies. 

Today, marketers who employ Video Storytelling are seen as influential due to their ability to drive traffic and positively engage consumers. Consumers have become accustomed to this marketing tactic, as they prefer to watch videos and understand its impact on a brand. 

Video storytelling can engage and captivate viewers, evoking emotions and maintaining high levels of engagement. 

By creating a compelling story centered around a product, marketers can fully harness the magic of video storytelling. 

Here's a quick overview to help you discover this powerful marketing tool.

Why Is Video Storytelling In Marketing Important?

In today's digital age, video storytelling in marketing has become essential for businesses looking to engage with their audiences and drive conversions. 

From social media campaigns to product launches and brand storytelling, video content has proven to be a highly effective means of conveying a brand's message and building customer connections.

Here are some of the key reasons why video storytelling is so important in marketing:

Captures Attention

With so much online content, it can be challenging for brands to capture their audience's attention. 

You can focus on video storytelling ads that can quickly grab people's attention and convey a message in a way that's both memorable and engaging.

Demonstrates Products or Services

Videos are an excellent way to demonstrate the features and benefits of products or services. 

Seeing a product in action or hearing from satisfied customers can help build trust and credibility with potential buyers.

Builds Emotional Connection

Visual storytelling can create an emotional connection with a target audience, which can be a powerful tool for building brand loyalty. 

By telling stories that resonate with audiences personally, brands can create deeper connections beyond the product or service itself.

Shares Stories

Video storytelling can help brands share their stories, values, and missions with their audience. 

This can be particularly important for brands trying to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. 

By telling compelling stories that align with their audience's values, brands can build trust and create a loyal following.

Drives Social Media Engagement

Video content is highly shareable on social media platforms, making it an effective way to reach a broader audience. 

By creating engaging and shareable content through the best video storytelling techniques, brands can build a community around their products or services and increase their reach.

3 Video Storytelling Tips 

To help you overcome video storytelling work challenges, we have compiled a list of the top 3 video storytelling tips that can help you create engaging video content that resonates with your audience.

Tip #1: Focus on the Story

The most compelling video stories are centered around a persuasive video narrative. 

When creating video content, telling a story that resonates with your audience is essential. 

This could be a personal story, a customer success story, or a narrative that showcases your brand's values and mission. 

To create a compelling story, ensure a well-defined beginning, middle, and end. 

You can also augment its emotional effect by incorporating visuals and music.

Tip #2: Keep it Simple

With storytelling videos, simplicity is vital. 

Avoid cramming too much information into your video, and keep the visuals simple. 

Keep your message clear and concise, and use visuals that support the story you're trying to tell. 

Use simple language and avoid technical jargon that may confuse your audience.

Tip #3: Use Emotion to Connect

Video storytelling is all about connecting with your audience emotionally; video marketers know this very well. 

Use visuals, music, and narration to connect your audience emotionally. 

Make them laugh, make them cry, or make them feel inspired. Whatever emotion you evoke, ensure it aligns with your brand's values and message.

7 Video Storytelling Examples to Watch

In this sense, videos are shown as highly significant in our daily lives because they can move people in the most efficient way possible. To further move into video storytelling, here are the seven best examples of video marketing to inspire you more for your business.

1. First Sale on Shopify

Shopify released a video about Jess, a business owner of her crochet store, who succeeded with Shopify. 

Her passion for managing and making a living from her store grew after viewing a crochet video. 

After sharing photos of her work on social media, she tried Shopify and made her first sale. 

This inspiring story encourages business owners to pursue their dreams with Shopify.

2. No Drink-driving Story by Budweiser

Budweiser created a video that uses a story to demonstrate the significance of moderate drinking. 

In the video, a dog anxiously waits for its owner to return home safely, which evokes sadness and anxiety. 

The owner arrives home early morning and explains that they waited to drive until night. 

The overall message is to promote responsible drinking since waiting for a loved one's safe return never ends for some. 

The video effectively emphasizes the importance of valuing human life and the vulnerability of dogs.

3. Birthday Gift by McDonald's

McDonald's introduced their Saver Menu as a budget-friendly option for customers. 

However, they don't want to focus solely on this menu and instead aim to connect with customers on an emotional level. 

They highlight a mother's love for her son and how McDonald's can be a part of that love. 

For instance, a son who received his mother's old car with some coins inside went to McDonald's and brought her a meal to show his appreciation. 

This shows that the Saver Menu may seem small, but it can bring happiness and love to those who value their relationships and want to give back.

4. A Dragon Chess from Etsy

Etsy is a popular online marketplace offering a unique buying experience with handmade and customized products. 

The platform has a good reputation and focuses on creating emotional advertisements that connect with its audience.

One of their videos featured a mother-and-son relationship, showcasing the love of a mother who asked an Etsy seller to create a dragon chess set for her son. 

Etsy made the process easy and enjoyable, fulfilling the mother's wish and making her son happy. 

This heartwarming story demonstrates how mothers go the extra mile when shopping online and Etsy's dedication to making their customers' dreams come true. 

Rather than simply telling the story, Etsy showed it in a touching and memorable way.

5. Christmas Time at Aldi

Another great story to tell for your viewers is when you chose the Christmas season as your theme. Christmas is about giving and being kind to the people around us, so Aldi made their story relevant to everyone, regardless of age. 

This is because the story revolves around some characters found in former campaigns of Aldi—which the people immensely love. 

The video also featured some of the best Christmas food and meals that people can buy from Aldi, and it is presented excellently.

The "be kind for you to be happy" line states this because Christmas's spirit lies in every human being's happiness and kindness.

6. The Stepdad by Disney

We know how parents love Disney for their children because their area of specialty does not only stick to the kids but to all ages as well. 

They have experiences telling stories every season, and Christmas is still the best. 

Aside from Aldi, Disney also featured how Christmas is spent happily with a stepdad in their story.

This is not easy, especially for the kids to have their Christmas with a new family member, but thanks to Disney and their characters, whom the stepdad worked with to express his love and enthusiasm for them.

The different hardships the whole family faced gave viewers enough mixed emotions, which will be memorable for them.

The song and the Disney characters helped establish an excellent story for their marketing strategy. 

Overall, the Disney story gets done because its effective ads continue its legacy.

7. 30% Off for Over the 60s by Specsavers

We've reached the last item on our list, and it's the most entertaining.

Specsavers has done an excellent job of using video storytelling to promote their brand, thanks to the charming couple featured in the ad.

Viewers were likely captivated when the couple realized the bench they were sitting on wasn't a bench! 

The ad showcases that even though the couple is getting older, they still need good eyesight, and Specsavers come to the rescue. 

The ad's humor is relatable to people of all ages and emphasizes the importance of taking care of your eyesight. 

It's an excellent way for Specsavers to promote their brand in a unique and enjoyable way. 

Additionally, the ad's famous tagline is still powerful today and easy to understand.


Videos are a powerful and unique tool for marketers and consumers. However, when combined with a great and compelling story, their effectiveness increases by four times for your marketing strategies. 

It's important to integrate your product seamlessly into your story because the story is the centerpiece of your video. 

By incorporating different emotions, you can increase engagement from viewers, who may comment on your social media platform where you posted your video. 

This will significantly benefit your brand, and if your story becomes viral, it could lead to viewers sharing it with their friends and increasing your brand's exposure.

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