OFFEO UI Update: Brand New Editor With Intuitive Interface

November 11, 2021

OFFEO UI Update: Brand New Editor With Intuitive Interface

2021 has been an excellent year for OFFEO so far, and nothing gets us more excited than seeing you using the platform more each day to create compelling videos for your brand. With a significantly new amount of users, we received lots of feedback. We went back to the storyboard to reimagine how the OFFEO interface can be evolved to provide a better experience.

Here are some significant changes we have made.

Introducing Dark Mode

Much voted for, finally here. Sleek and stylish, comfortable for your eye. 
Now you can toggle between light or dark more easily.

New Timeline Experience

Add animations at ease.

Intuitive Button Designs

Beautiful icons encourage better use of space, fewer clicks to get things done. 

Explore And Trim Music At Ease

Trim and match the beats easily

Simple Effects Panel

Toggle on/off easily, adjust the parameters in a few clicks

Improved Organizing Folders

Find your assets efficiently.

These are just one part of the upgrade.
More to come soon! Try out for yourself today.

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