Video Tutorials

Video guides to master designing in OFFEO.

OFFEO Fundamentals

A walkthrough on how-to navigate through our application.

Getting Started with OFFEO
Basics to get yourself orientated

10 Video Guides

Step-by-Step Walkthrough
Design your project alongside with us

2 Video Guides

OFFEO Advanced Tutorials

Techniques & styles that sets your video apart from others.

Creating with Technique
Design with a specific technique

12 Video Guides

Creating with Style
Design with a specific style

3 Video Guides

OFFEO Resources

Packs and seasonal templates to give the inspiration you were looking for.

Graphic and Elements Resource Packs
Resources to help you create your video

4 Video Guides

Template Packs
Categorized Designs Conveniently Packed

4 Video Guides

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OFFEO is an online video platform that is built to help you design video quickly and easily. Get started with thousands of premium templates, graphic assets and fully customizable for your brand.