Stay in the know of Marketing Trends! It’s officially 2019 and everyone’s ready to get started on their New Year’s resolutions. Be it signing up for that yoga class you’ve always wanted or simply to finish that book you’ve been putting off for months.

We’ve got some of our own. Our New Year’s resolution is to share some of our video marketing insights. There are so many trends that you can follow as a fellow digital marketer but ours speak to those who believe in videos.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth millions – providing an entertaining means of allowing visitors to better understand your products or services.”

We believe in the great power of video, invoking emotions everywhere we go. If you’re on the verge of taking the next step to get that video made, go for it. This is the sign! To get you started, here are our top 9 video marketing trends of 2019:

instagram stories. marketing trends

1. Instagram Stories

Top on the list of Marketing Trends: Instagram Stories.
The rise of Instagram Stories have rapidly increased. More and more people want to share on the go, in fact by August of 2018, there are 400 million Instagrammers who uses Stories every single day. Our question is, have you implemented this into your marketing plan?

What is it good for?

  • It will disappear in 24 hours.
  • It’s easy to create, you can simply shoot and edit on the go
  • It’s fun and engaging!

When you’re doing an Instagram Stories ad, make sure that you follow the correct aspect ratio and make it as authentic as possible!

micro influencers. marketing trends

2. Micro-Influencers

Celebrities and bigger influencers are getting costlier by the day and they may not do so well for your brand. Micro-infleuncers, on the other hand, might do better for your marketing goals; even though they have a smaller following, they probably have a stronger following that will suit the brand’s vision better.

For example, a healthy snack brand may see better results by working with a local fitness guru who has a 30k following than a celebrity football player who requires a higher budget.

clock. marketing trends

3. The 6-second Rule

Remember how Vine was popular with viral videos? It captured people’s attention quickly while getting the content perfectly funny and shareable. That’s what brands and agencies are heading towards and that’s what you need to include in your video marketing plan as well.

Studies have suggested that 9 out of 10 six-second as drive ad recall and a 61% life in brand awareness. We need to condense our videos and be smarter in our storytelling! We can’t afford having people scroll past our ads, especially when we’ve put in so much money and effort into it.

Marketing Trends. Webinars and Webcasts

4. Webinars, webcasts & live video

We’ve all created animated or pre-recorded videos but in 2019, what if you could challenger your brand a step further? Live videos are the up and coming trend, be it in the form of webinars or webcasts, or simply a collaboration with one of your micro-influencers.

It doesn’t sound convincing but wait till you check out these stats:

  • 44% of consumers watch live videos from brands and businesses at least once a week.
  • 83% of brands using Facebook Live have found it effective for reaching new audiences.
  • 80% of brands using Facebook Live have found it effective for creating brand or product awareness.
Marketing trends - Square and Portrait Videos

5. Square and Portrait video

It’s not exactly a 2019 Marketing Trend but you know change is upon us when our world has suddenly stopped becoming horizontal. We are used to vertical videos because of our mobile phones, our memes, our GIF’s, even our shareable content.

As a digital marketer, make use of the vertical canvas so that your viewers won’t get distracted by anything else other than your post. With a horizontal post, you’ll have to share your screen with other brands/users. But by using a square or a portrait (4:5 aspect ratio) video, you won’t have to share anything at all.

Marketing Trends - Closed captions and subtitles

6. Closed captions and subtitles

Most of your viewers will check their social media while commuting, which means they might not be listening to the sounds of the video. Thus, creating videos for a sound-off environment is important especially for those that have a lot of dialogue and voiceovers.

It’s quite simple really. Add text as a part of your video or simply put closed captioning/subtitles embedded into the video.

7. Growth of explainer videos

If you haven’t believed in the power of video after all these points, well here’s a fun fact for you: Google rewards websites with video content by ranking them higher. That means they showcase sites with videos in their search results. So why not add that extra push for your website with an explainer video?

Explainer videos are longer form content that help your viewers to understand your brand or product quickly. Your animated explainer video can deliver the perfect pitch of your product.

8. Personalized videos for sales and marketing

We’ve all received those emails, promoting a product through hard-selling and simply all too impersonal. You probably trashed them out and put them into junk mail immediately. You know it’s not something worth your time.

In 2019, personalize your videos and emails to make your messaging stand out! It helps to connect with people better and increase engagement. Your customers are human so make them feel like it instead of having them feel like a number on a sales sheet.

Marketo produced one that looks pretty cool:

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