TikTok has been revolutionising social media — even if you’re avoiding it. And if you’ve never heard of it, you might already be out of the loop. TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to produce and share very short creative videos of 15 to 60 seconds.

Why is it important to you, a marketer?

More than 800 million people worldwide are actively using TikTok. That’s already way more than Twitter and Snapchat. For comparison, Instagram has one billion active users. And if we look at the meteoric rise of TikTok, this number might be reached soon.

TikTok gets you a large audience without spending big bucks

TikTok is a viral button waiting for you to push. Even with no followers, your posting can go viral and reach millions. This gives your brand a chance to grow at a rapid rate organically without spending on ads or influencer marketing. No matter if you are a dancer, entrepreneur, restaurateur. If you create engaging content, and understand the platform’s language, it will serve you with an unparalleled audience size (at least not without ad spending!)

But TikTok users are so… YOUNG

Compared to other social platforms, TikTok undeniably has the youngest user base. With almost 70 percent of TikTok users between the age of 16 to 24, that means only 30 percent are 25+ years old. While most companies swipe left on TikTok because of the demographics, it is precisely why you should double down on TikTok.

Remember Facebook? It used to belong to the ‘young generation’ and now even your parents (or even grandparents) are on it. In general, new technologies are always first embraced by young people, long before it achieves the critical mass. As populations take to new technology, the average age of the users will naturally increase.

Furthermore, this phenomenon might have pushed young people to adopt another social platform in their search for self-expression away from parental scrutiny. Or simply because it’s not cool anymore.. The fact remains that legions of young people are now devoting time to TikTok because they are native to the platform.

Localized Content

While TikTok is a global app, a key element for its popularity is localized content. The app rides on local trends, hashtags, and challenges which reinforce user engagement to the platform.

On TikTok, users often browse through the so-called For You Page, which is similar to Instagram’s Explore Page. However, TikTok users spend much more time on this For You Page than an average user on Instagram, consuming new content suggested through the TikTok algorithm (which is incredibly smart), on top of those they follow. That’s what makes TikTok so exciting for marketing purposes.

Brand Authenticity in the age of paid content

Tired of inauthentic brand deals and highly polished aesthetics, consumers are looking for authenticity in a saturated space. TikTok neatly bucks the trend and focuses on originality. When browsing TikTok, you (mostly) feel as if you are around ordinary people.

The platform enables creative expression and celebrates the humanness in all of us. Retailers will need to maintain that human connection despite the digitalisation of services to keep growing and prospering in the evolving consumer landscape.

Feeling intimidated?

The best part of TikTok? You don’t have to immediately produce exceptional videos from Day 1. As with anything, you get better with time. If users enjoy any piece of your content whether it’s your first video or hundredth video, you will still get to experience strong growth in a short time.

Hear this, the algorithm works for you.

You might be wondering, where do you start?

Open the app for the first time and you might feel wholly lost. I assure you, it gets easier. Its intuitive user interface has actually made it easier for you to create engaging short videos without any prior knowledge in video editing or using any additional app or program. Take the time to understand the tools and soon, you’ll be a master.

Here’s a few top tiktokers to get you started:
1. charlidamelio
2. lorengray
3. addisonre
4. babyariel
5. spencerx

Start scrolling, liking and commenting and you’ll get content that caters to your preferences. The sooner you get started, the more comfortable you will grow your (ideal) audience on TikTok.

3 Quick Tips on how to get started on Tik Tok


1. Consistency

Similar to any other social platform, aim to post regularly to grow your audience.
About 34 percent of all users publish at least one video per day. Just create. And do it again and again.
As your audience grows, you will be motivated to create more and more. It’s a virtuous cycle.

2. Spend hours every day on the platform

Nothing beats understanding the platform first hand. If you are worried that you can’t dance to #renegade (trending dance), there are tons of other content that you can produce. There are pranks, trick shots, vlogs and more. Find your niche and create away! You only need one good video to stick for people to visit your channel and browse through the rest of the videos you have.

3. Repurpose content

Yes, share your TikTok videos on other social platforms to maximise user engagement. Content is content. While you don’t have to create content day in day out, work on getting the content you’ve created into the hands of more people. 

With more and more brands and businesses starting to use TikTok for their marketing, it’s not late to jump on the bandwagon.


Bottom Line

TikTok is the next big thing. Every number or fact you look at indicates that TikTok’s rise won’t stop anytime soon. Furthermore, in the unique climate we have found ourselves in, the demand for TikTok has only increased.

After reading this piece and you still don’t get what the hype, download the app and start consuming content. I promise you will soon keenly understand how addictive the platform is and why it deserves a place in your digital marketing strategy.

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