7 Thanksgiving Video Ad Ideas

March 4, 2022

The days are getting shorter, and the leaves are changing. Yes, it’s about that time of year again: Thanksgiving! For marketers, this is a time to make last-minute marketing adjustments and take care of any lingering tasks left before year’s end.

It can also be incredibly stressful as the holiday season starts — the pressure’s on, and you’ve got to be ready for anything. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be grateful for all you have, including your customers. This season is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with them and invite new ones. 

The busiest period for stores is Thanksgiving weekend because it's the start of the holiday season. If you haven't planned any Thanksgiving marketing activities yet, don't worry. This article will give you some ideas.

Video Ad ideas For Thanksgiving

Educational Thanksgiving Videos

How can we connect with our audiences on social and beyond? Thanksgiving videos! One of the best ways to communicate with your audience is to create an educational Thanksgiving video. 

Your video doesn’t need to be connected with your industry. Instead, think about an unusual approach to this holiday. But what do you make the video about? You want to think outside of the box and be creative, not self-promoting.

If you are looking for some excellent content to share with your audience this Thanksgiving, try making an educational video that will help people know more about something they have been finding. 

Video clips like this make for suitable holiday ads in terms of entertainment and can boost your holiday sales too.

Thanksgiving Video Catalog

If you are in retail, you have to realize that the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas have high sales. The best thing you can do is plan a comprehensive marketing strategy like discounts and promotions to take advantage of these days.

To draw more attention, try making videos that highlight your products. This is helpful in the holiday shopping season where people know about the products and discounts by watching a simple video.

This will surely draw new audiences. A product video catalog advertisement can be shared on social media and embedded on a Thanksgiving-themed landing page.

Black Friday Video Ads

Black Friday is when people are willing to spend their money on gifts and other products they need. This is an opportunity that brands should not let go to waste - seize it! Reach out to your audience in an effective way - with video. 

Share a Black Friday video offer on social channels or advertise. Create a slideshow of your products, or you can use stock images. This will lead to more sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and help you get more new customers.

How-to Videos

Video is a great way to engage your customers, but make sure you strike the right balance between engaging and promotional. You should avoid overly promotional videos as they will not gain any brand awareness or likes. 

For example, a how-to video might be an excellent choice as it could provide some actionable tips and advice that your customer might enjoy. But your video can go even further if you use humor and wit. Videos that are both engaging and helpful will quickly go viral.

Giveaway Videos

Thanksgiving is a time when many people give back. As a business owner, you can show your appreciation to your customers with a giveaway. If you’re hosting a giveaway, make sure to promote it with video!

Create a video that showcases your products, what it will be like to win, and the variety of prizes on offer. With these three details, you’ll have a winner in no time! This way, you can draw potential customers and spread the business. Thanksgiving giveaways are videos that are a great tool to grow brand awareness.

Special Offer Videos

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we're kicking the thanksgiving season off with a special deal. Share this video on your social media channels and tell everyone about this offer!

This will allow you to obtain a broader net in terms of customers that your company can attract. Share your promotion to attract more people. 

Shoppers are looking for bargains right now, so don't hesitate to share your deal on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. Share this on your website, which will spread the word more among people.

Thank You Videos

Although people are more than just assets, they also make up companies. Without them, there would be no businesses. Send your employees some appreciation by way of a thank you video. 

You can share it on Slack or other internal messaging tools. Even better, embed the video in an email and send it to your team. 

Add attractive thumbnails and eye-catching to draw more people to watch the thanksgiving video advert. If there are human beings in the video, the video will get more views.

Moving ahead, let us take a look at some examples of thanksgiving video ads that will inspire us to create an advertisement that will turn the game for us.

Examples of thanksgiving video advertisement

Stove Top

Stove Top is a brand that has successfully marketed its Thanksgiving stuffing. Every year, they come up with simple yet creative ideas to promote their product, which resonates with its audience. 

In 2015, they introduced the Millennial hipster who told us that we could eat Stove Top’s Thanksgiving stuffing all year long. In 2017, it launched its Thanksgiving Pants. 

This curvy jogger is a pair of elastic-waisted pants that allow you to stuff yourself with stuffing in comfort and style. In 2021, it came up with another hilarious advertisement campaign. It cautions shoppers not to run out of stuffing because it could lead to many challenging scenarios.


REI, known for its excellent outdoor equipment, kicked off a campaign in 2015 to promote spending time outside. 

The company announced that they'd be closing their offices and stores all over the country during the Thanksgiving holiday, so their employees can spend time with their families.


Friendsgiving is the unofficial version of Thanksgiving. It's an opportunity to be with your friends and family, especially if you can't or don't want to celebrate the traditional holiday. Friendsgiving became popular a few years ago for people who just wanted to get together with their friends. It's an occasion to thank the friends who have become more than family.

The app collected a selection of made-and-approved recipes of traditional and popular Thanksgiving dishes that people could make for their loved ones or cook together. 

Furthermore, you can effortlessly order all the ingredients you need for your Thanksgiving dinner through the app. All the recipes chosen for the Friendsgiving campaign were by real moms, which added some nostalgia and sentimentality into the whole thing. 

The campaign was successful, so more brands jumped on the Friendsgiving bandwagon. It still continues to this day.


2016 was the year of the great holiday campaigns. Samsung launched ‘Unwrap The Feels’, an experiential video that showcases the evident joy of experiencing VR through its latest gear. 

It's engaging and entertaining with laughter, shock, and surprise, making you feel good. It lets you feel all the emotions and puts a step into experiential marketing, which many businesses follow.

Conclusion: Thanksgiving Video Ad Ideas

With so many video ideas and inspiration from examples for thanksgiving day video ads, you should feel free to start your marketing campaign. 

Therefore, if you want to create a thanksgiving video that will make your business stand out, use our slideshow video maker to showcase your products and videos excitingly.

Choose from our vast and customizable range of templates, add your own spin on it, and you can do it all in under 3 minutes! You can quickly do this at the snap of a finger; great for holiday promotion and boosts online sales. 

It can be highly beneficial when creating a last-minute thanksgiving video that also gives people an idea of what you do. After customization, simply download the video and use it in your marketing campaign. 

Select a nice thanksgiving theme, background music, and an appropriate message along with it so that real people will be interested in revisiting you.

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