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July 4, 2022

Since becoming a Facebook Marketing Partner in May 2020, we here at OFFEO have worked hard to give you the most intuitive experience and the best templates to help you run scroll-stopping Facebook Ads.

And today, we’ve made it even easier for you to do just that.

We’re happy to announce that you can now run Facebook Ad Campaigns directly on OFFEO! This is all possible thanks to our integration with Facebook Ads Manager. 

Scroll down to get all the details on how you can benefit from this, the steps to connect your Facebook Ad Account to OFFEO, and why OFFEO is the right tool for all your Facebook Ads needs!

Without further ado, let’s begin.

How You Could Benefit From Facebook Ads Manager Integration With OFFEO

You might be wondering what “easier” means and what exactly you can expect from Facebook Ads Manager’s integration with OFFEO. 

In this section, we’re going to discuss some of the benefits you will experience.

A More Seamless and Intuitive Workflow

Our integration with Facebook Ads Manager streamlines your workflow as you’ll be able to run (and track) ad campaigns with a single click!

No Need To Switch Apps

Gone are the days where you need to constantly switch between separate apps to run Facebook Ads for your business, as it’s now built-in to the OFFEO app!

Click the “Ads Manager” button, connect your Facebook Ad account, and you’re ready!

Easier Adjustments

Need to fine-tune your key visual before running your Facebook Ad quickly? No problem! 

You only need to click on your project, make adjustments, export your video to OFFEO and click on the “Facebook Ad” button on the OFFEO app.


How To Connect Your Facebook Ad Account to OFFEO

After learning some of the benefits, it’s time for you to connect your Facebook Ad account so you’re one step closer to experiencing them yourself.

1. Open OFFEO

2. Click on the Ads Manager Button

3. Log in to your Facebook Ad Account

4. Fill In The Necessary Information

5. Click Continue On The “Connect OFFEO to Facebook” Page

6. You’re Done!

How To Run Facebook Ads With OFFEO

Now that you’ve successfully connected your Facebook Ad account to OFFEO, you can finally experience the advantages of using OFFEO to run your Facebook Ads.

Read on to find out how to run Facebook Ad marketing campaigns with OFFEO.

1. Click On the Ads Manager Button Again

2. Choose Your Facebook Ad Account

3. Click on Create Ad

4. Click Create New Ad on The “Choose Ad Type Page”

5. Click Choose Image And open the videos tab to find the video you created with OFFEO

6. Fill in the caption and Call-To-Action for your Facebook Ad

7. Determine your daily budget and how many days your Facebook Ad will run.

8. Click Promote Now, and that’s it!

Why OFFEO Is Suitable for Facebook Ads

3000+ Designer Templates To Choose From

Our vast library of 3000+ templates is created by former Facebook and Instagram designers. This ensures a few things:

  • OFFEO’s Facebook Ad templates comply with Facebook Guidelines
  • They’re proven to convert
  • Professionally designed templates that suit many occasions and marketing campaigns

And the best part? You can customize these templates easily with OFFEO’s drag-and-drop editor.

The Right Size Pre-Loaded Into The App

Your Facebook Ad will always look exactly how you want on Facebook and Instagram. 

This is because the correct dimensions for every social media are pre-loaded — making creating content worry-free.

Royalty-Free Music, Videos, And Images Thanks To Shutterstock

We collaborated with Shutterstock to give you the highest quality stock images, videos, and music to help create engaging content for your business.

Furthermore, you’ll be spoiled for choice as there are more than 3 million stock footage and photos and 5000+ curated soundtracks you can choose from.

This way, you can use OFFEO to help bring your creative vision to life!


Facebook Ads can be highly effective for your business’ growth as they can contribute massively to your sales. However, you’ll need to use a tool to help create the most engaging content and run your Facebook Ads in one app.

This way, you can make your workflow more efficient — giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

After reading this article, we hope you’ve concluded that OFFEO is the perfect solution for your company.

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Written By
Rifqi Renanda

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