Video ads are growing in popularity these days due to the fact that it requires little to no effort for users to consume content easily. All it takes is just a simple tap of a play button or even letting it automatically play while browsing through your instagram stories. 

In spite that video format ads are being consumed on a daily basis, business owners and marketers are still not leveraging this format as a form of advertising. Some of them are even skeptical if video advertisements will even bring them any results or ROI at all.

What is a good advertisement?

Before moving further into the creative process, let’s just define what is considered to be a good advertisement broadly. A good advertisement should clearly communicate the benefits or features of buying your product or engaging your services across to your audience.

Your advertisement should at least clear the following list of advertising best practices:

  • Having a compelling caption/headline that would actually grab the attention of your viewers. The challenge here is, within that limited word count, you must be able to sell your product and get potential customers interested to find out more.
  • Attaching a promotion or offer along with it will definitely go a long way especially if you are selling a product. Customers in general love a good bargain. If you are able to provide it at a discounted price, bundle promotion, free shipping, free trial, etc, it makes the product tempting. Put yourself in your customers shoes or gather feedback when it comes to providing an irresistible offer a customer simply cannot miss!
  • Every good advertisement should have their graphics and design elements on point. If you are able to pique the interest of your potential customers, you have already won half the battle. Having something that is unique or bold these days would work as it does not look like the typical advertisements that people see these days. An advertisement with an attention grabbing graphic would definitely be more interesting than just a plain background with text.
  • After getting them hooked on, they will most likely click into your ad or stick around to find out more about your offering. This is the time to flex your storytelling skills. Sell them your benefits, walk them through if they were to get this product from you, what is in it for them? What can you do better that current competitors cannot?
  • Eliminate any potential fear your customers may have. If it is the quality of the product, let them know of the material/origin of the product, or even provide a warranty or 1 for 1 exchange or even a full refund guarantee. By doing this, you are reversing the risk for your consumers and giving them a peace of mind. Customers do not want to spend their hard-earned money on a product that looks shady or dubious. Remove this doubt or uncertainty they have in mind, giving them another reason they cannot refuse. Stand by your product and be confident of it (of course your product has to live by it’s benefits).
  • Follow ups, support, customer service should always be prompt. Do not leave your potential customers hanging there if they are inquiring about a product. It is their way of expressing interest and they are keen to find out more about it. It is also a proven fact that certain businesses who are providing very similar offerings, those with better follow ups and customer service would always be the deciding factor for customers.
  • Last but not least, having a strong call to action to give your customers the extra last push they need. Create an urgency around it, encourage them to action right away instead of considering or having the time to compare around. If you give them too much time off, they might forget about it or people might wake up the next day feeling different for no particular reason and decide that your product/service can wait. Hype them up and push them to take that step now if not this “offer” may not come back again.

If you are able to craft out an advertisement that fulfills all the above criterias, it will definitely bring you more ROI than you would ever imagine. You would be surprised with the results!

Effectiveness of Video ads 2020

Is video an important part of your marketing strategy?

In a survey by Wzowl, This year, 92% of marketers mentioned that they see the benefit of video advertising and the ROI that it can bring for the company. As compared to 2015, when it was just 78%.

Based on the bar chart above published by, has a projection that come 2021, people will spend 100 minutes at least a day to watch online videos. With the surge in advertising dollars from 2019 to projected 2021, online videos would be the next fastest growing marketing channel that businesses and marketers simply cannot miss.

How to start creating a video ad?

Have an idea in mind, pen it down or brainstorm with your marketing team or your colleagues.

  1. Look for a free online advertisement maker.
  2. Depending on the social media platform you want your video ad to be, select the right format and size from the ready-made templates or start from scratch
  3. Include engaging graphic and design elements to capture the attention of your audience
  4. Select or even upload your own images to give life and make your video ad stand out
  5. Include strong compelling texts and select the appropriate typography to suit the theme of your video ad
  6. After finalizing your video ad, export it and run through it again to check for any mistakes, else you are good to go!

Where to make advertising videos for free?

The internet has an abundance of free online resources these days. Searching for a free ad maker can also be time consuming. It gets worse if the ad maker you are using is not fully customizable at all.

Let us save that time for better use and try out Offeo free ad maker instead. Offeo online ad maker is completely free for anyone to use! You don’t have to be a designer to design an eye-catching video ad!

  • Choose from the various pre-formatted ad sizes
  • Select from the many ready-made templates of your choice, or even design from scratch
  • Edit the image/change colours to suit the theme or your brand
  • Fully customizable interface
  • Export your video ad and start sharing your video ads

Take advantage of video ads today especially during such tough times where people are staying home more and spending more time on their mobile devices. Leverage on this opportunity to convert more online sales!