Importance of Video Content on Social Media

Humans are visual creatures, which is why we find moving images more entertaining than plain texts. 

Because of this, almost every social media platform these days uses a variety of cutting-edge video content to attract potential customers. In fact, the use of video has become one of the most important marketing strategies of today.

Research shows that almost 85% of all businesses are using video for their marketing strategy while 92% of marketers agree that video content is a very important marketing tool. 


1. Helps You Get Attention

Video is a great tool to catch the attention of your target audience. Unlike long texts, video content is much easier to consume. 

In fact, when we scroll through our social media account, we’ll usually stop on videos that will catch our attention. This goes to show that video content can easily capture the interest of the viewers. 

The overall success of your social media marketing lies in your ability to summarize information into video snippets that the viewers can easily digest. 

Your video content for social media marketing should be long enough to catch the attention of the viewers but short enough to leave the customers wanting more. 


2. Tells the Story of Your Brand

Of all age groups, the millennials are said to be the number one viewers of online videos. The men from this age group would spend 40% more time watching videos than women. 

So, if your target audiences are between the age of 25 and 34, you can post video content on YouTube and other social media platforms in order to capture their attention. 

You can create videos that talk about the mission of your organization and how your audiences can take part in. Another effective strategy is to share success stories for your followers to view. The goal is to give your viewers an idea of who you are, which makes your brand even more personable and authentic.

To make your videos even more exciting, use the live streaming feature of your social media account, such as the YouTube Live, Instagram TV, Facebook Live, etc. Take advantage of OFFEO’s Intro Maker to come up with an attention-grabbing opening intro for your video.


3. You Will Reach New Audiences

A lot of marketers are now switching their attention to Generation Z and have forgotten about the Millennials. This is why most videos in social media are geared towards reaching these new audiences, which is said to make up 40% of the world consumers. 

These groups cannot be swayed by the traditional medium of advertising such as billboards and TV commercials. Generation Z is digital natives and prefer to consume information from social media channels. For these consumers, video content still reigns supreme.

A report in 2019 has revealed that the average Generation Z consumer would spend more than 3 hours per day watching videos on social media and other platforms. This is a good window of opportunity that brands should take advantage of if they wanted to capture an audience that’s a bit tricky to influence. 


4. Great for Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important that your content is optimized for search engines, including the video content. 

Social media platforms now work in the same way as search engines, so you need to make sure that your content is relevant. But how will you know if you’re part of the most popular or trending list? 

You should use compelling descriptions and headlines when sharing your videos. That way, it will easily appear on searches. Don’t forget to include relevant hashtags to it. Social media sites like Twitter will provide in-depth analysis on every hashtag used in their platform. 

They will also include key demographics while also providing a great base to help you organize your search optimization efforts.


5. Helps You Convert Leads

Regardless of the social media platform that you’ll be using for your video content, you should make sure to have a goal. 

Your goal should include user action, whether it’s driving traffic to your website, sharing your video, or enticing customers to purchase your products or services. The call to action is your way of making a virtual handshake with the audiences. 

If your viewers have watched your video content all the way until the end, then this shows that they are interested. You can then direct them to your desired course of action, such as adding a caption that says, “’ to find out more, click here”.