We managed to connect with Shauna-Kay from Humbird Media to learn about their experience with OFFEO and how they use it to make a profit for their business.

Here’s an example of a video Humbird Media produced using OFFEO.

OFFEO: Please share with us more about yourself, and what do you work as?

Shauna-Kay: My name is Shauna-Kay Anderson. My husband, Cory Anderson, and I run two businesses which operate mainly online. Our first business is called Humbird Media Web & Graphic Design (est. 2016), where we provide websites, animations, graphic design and social media management for clients both locally (Jamaica) and internationally. Our other business is called Canvas Jamaica (est. 2018) where we take persons’ photos, graphically modify them to look like art, then print on canvas and deliver to their homes, offices or hotels.

We use OFFEO to create videos to market those businesses online. Since the advent of OFFEO, we’ve also created Social Media Video packages to sell videos to our Humbird Media clients.

OFFEO: Why did you start using OFFEO? 

Shauna-Kay: We love video and animation, and we’ve always been looking for easy ways to market our business (and help others to do the same) through video. We’ve invested in multiple video platforms in the past, but OFFEO is hands down the best video investment we’ve made to date.

What we love most about OFFEO, which was lacking in previous platforms, is the ability to customize everything. Many platforms come with templates that don’t give you the kind of flexibility to brand videos in different ways. With OFFEO, we found that we were able to not only wholly customize your templates but create our own videos from a blank template.

There are so many well-categorized resources within OFFEO, but even when something is lacking in OFFEO, we can import our own resources (illustrations, photos, fonts, music, etc.) and use them as if they were on the local platform with no issues.

We also love that we can provide feedback and suggestions and have confidence that they will be considered and, as best as possible, implemented. That’s a feature that definitely stands out with OFFEO. Another reason is the ease of using OFFEO. I am adept in Adobe After Effects, but OFFEO is thousand times easier and faster.

My husband didn’t have much video background before OFFEO, but he has become very proficient in OFFEO and handles many of our client videos. The time saved using OFFEO (both to learn and create videos) has definitely been more profitable than using even industry standard programs for us both.

OFFEO: Can you share with us the average profit you make per video created?

Shauna-Kay: We don’t see OFFEO as an expense because we get so much for the little money we invest. It’s not even fair. So I would say every client video made with OFFEO gives us upwards of US$55 (the base cost for our social media videos). We also mix it in with Social Media packages (consisting of graphics and animations) and can charge upwards of US$200 in total.

We use OFFEO heavily for our own social media marketing as well. If you visit our Instagram page @humbirdmediaja, you will see that we have basically moved to 95% video on our page. This is due to the ease of churning out videos from OFFEO. The profit we’re able to make from an improved brand image, thanks to OFFEO, is invaluable.

“We don’t see OFFEO as an expense because we get so much for the little money we invest.”

OFFEO: Are there any statistics you can share with us on OFFEO videos you posted?

Shauna-Kay: We have so many OFFEO videos with varied statistics. We can share however that since implementing OFFEO videos on Instagram, we have achieved far more followers, post reach and Profile Visits on our page. The emoji videos are the best performing videos from OFFEO.

OFFEO: What do you think is the main advantage that made you choose OFFEO over other video makers?

Shauna-Kay: Flexibility.

OFFEO: Can you share with us any tips on where you get inspiration to create awesome videos?

Shauna-Kay: We get a lot of inspiration from Envato. We’re always looking at new After Effects templates and gaining ideas on how we can recreate them in OFFEO. We also get inspiration from Dribble, in the animation category (absolutely in love with their cute little animations). We also follow a number of motion graphic designers on IG so their work comes up in our feed and inspires us from time to time. We also get inspiration from watching OFFEO tutorials and learning from your techniques to create our own.

OFFEO: Do you have any template recommendations?

Shauna-Kay: Hmm, one thing we can say about existing OFFEO templates is that they are very unique. I’m not sure where you’re getting your inspiration from but they are always unique and cutting-edge, and we should know – we look at a LOT of templates. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it! I run across a lot of templates so if I really fall in love with any, I’ll be sure to suggest them.

If you’re looking for someone to create videos for your social media platforms, don’t hesitate to approach Humbird Media!
You can connect with them on their website, instagram or facebook.

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