So you’ve realised that the videos you create needs a little more oomph in them. Look no further for the solution! Adding a background footage creates another level of sophistication to your video that you are searching for.

In this article, we will be going through a few steps of adding a background footage to your video with OFFEO.

5 steps to create amazing videos

Step 1

Select a video footage that best fit your style in the background or media tab

OFFEO has hundreds of high-res video footages for any occasion.

Here’s a preview of some of the video footages you can use.

Step 2

Add your product image

Upload your product image and place it in the canvas

Step 3

Type your message

Input your text message. Let your audience know what you’re promoting.

Step 4

Select your music choice

We have a huge library of premium music for your selection.
Music soundtracks are curated to suit any occasion.

Step 5

Preview and Export

Preview your video easily with our live preview function. No more long awkward pauses before before seeing your video.

You can export the video in Mov/MP4 or images in PNG/JPEG.

Start creating your video

OFFEO has thousands of templates to get you started easily. 

Start Creating
Chao Quan Choo

Chao Quan Choo

UI Designer at OFFEO