How to Start Using Videos for Your Business


To successfully run your business these days, you need to have a strong online presence. There are billions of people that actively use the Internet every day.

These people should be seen as potential customers for your business. However, to harvest a good number of them, you must be able to have attractive content about your business on the Internet.

There are many Internet platforms that have been created to assist marketers promote their services, and one of the most uploaded forms of business content is videos. Videos are an attractive media for gaining more customers. They combine both picture and audio to communicate information.

Here’s what you should do: create an account for your business on different social media platforms, blogs, and YouTube. After that, go ahead to upload attractive video content about your business.

These are some key steps on how to go about online video marketing:

1. Make an Introduction

When creating meaningful and attractive video content to promote your business, you need to structure the video well.

Good structure means that your video can communicate all the necessary information within the shortest possible time – people are not always so patient.

For this reason, a well-structured video should serve as an effective introduction to your business and the rendered services.

Likewise, you can also make use of a video chat to introduce yourself to your customers.

2. Show Social Proof

Social proof is a key technique for earning your customers’ trust. The idea here is to create video content that serves as evidence of your business’ credibility and effective services.

Reach out to some of your customers that love your services and are willing to share excellent reviews about it – these customers will serve as a means of advertisement. Get them recorded on tape while they testify about the excellence of your services.

Upload these recorded videos on your business’ social media accounts, blog, or YouTube page.

3. Be Thankful to Your Customers

Appreciation is a great business tool. Besides, it’s your customers that keep your business booming. You can’t have a business without active customers.

For this reason, it would do you a lot of good to appreciate your customers from time to time.

Create nice videos where you express your gratitude to them; doing this will make your customers feel important and special. This will even encourage them to spread the word about your business to family and friends.


4. Involve Experts

It would help your business greatly if you could get some experts in the field to address your viewers.

Try to make videos that have these experts explaining tips and giving ideas about things related to the services you provide.


5. Have a Video Marketing Budget

Making quality and professional video content for your online business platforms will cost you some money.

You have to make plans for how much money you’ll spend on making the videos – this is done by creating a detailed budget.


6. Try to Solve Challenges

When making video content for your online business platforms, you need to be creative.

Make sure you manage all your available resources properly – this would help you create attractive content that would effectively draw potential clients to your business.

7. Use a Drag and Drop Video Creation Platform

There are various tools for making effective online video content. However, we would like to suggest our OFFEO online video creation platform.

It’s a great tool for making excellent videos for various social media and other online marketing platforms. It has over a thousand templates to choose from and different customization features. Feel free to get creative with OFFEO, and make unique content that the online community would love. Try it! We would love to get your feedbacks.

What’s more? With OFFEO, all of your videos are created in HD high-resolution. You won’t have to worry about low-quality videos that turn potential clients away.

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