Find out how to increase followers on Pinterest

Here are 10 tips that can help you to grow your Pinterest profile quickly and easily. 

1. Post relevant content pins to extend your reach

Pinterest places more emphasis on getting users to follow a particular interest (interest targeting) than on specific users or boards. Knowing this, you need to post pins that are highly relevant to a popular interest category. According to Pinterest Analytics, the most popular interests among pinners are Home Decor, Education and Diy & Crafts. 

So if you are running out of ideas on what content to curate for your pins, refer to Pinterest Analytics to find out what are the popular topics to pin about. Note that you need a business account to access Pinterest Analytics (!

2. Use relevant keywords

Pin descriptions should include 2-3 relevant keywords so that Pinterest understands that your pins would be relevant to that particular interest group and show your pins there. Let’s say you decide to feature pins in the DIY and Crafts interest category. Here is how you can find out what pinners are searching for and derive the right keywords to use.

Use the search bar to find out what Pinners often search for in that category. As seen above, popular searches are fabric crafts, kids crafts etc. This would help you narrow down on what kind of DIY & Crafts pins you should be creating and helps to give you ideas on the relevant keywords to include in your pin description.

Similarly, include these keywords in your board names too. 

3. Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are another way for Pinners to find your pins. Aim for 2-3 hashtags in your pin description. Make sure they are relevant keywords that can help Pinners find your pin easily. You can refer to Pinterest’s suggested hashtags for ideas.

4. Pin at the right day and time

With a winning description and image, the next step is to pin during the day and time where your target audience will be on Pinterest too. Utilize Pinterest Analytics to find out when your followers are most active. Here is a general guide: 

5. Optimize your profile 

Organise your most popular boards at the top by simply moving them to the first row. This makes sure that visitors of your profile will access the most relevant and popular pins first. 

6. Comment, Repin and Mention others

Commenting on pins and repinning them is a good way to publicize your account and let it be known by others. Soon, they will be checking out your page to find out more. Another way is to mention others in your pin descriptions. 

TIP: Do not go overboard with comments. It will backfire when pinners realise you are spamming them

7. Join popular group boards in your niche

A key feature that differentiates Pinterest from other social media sites is its group board. Group boards are a good space for Pinners who share the same interest, to gather together and share pins of the same interest category.  What you gain from joining group boards is a specific target audience that is interested in a particular topic. Featuring your pins on group boards not only helps to increase exposure, but it also allows you to target a group of interested Pinners who are looking out for a specific content that your pin can provide. 

8. Pin consistently

Logically speaking, pinners would not bother following inactive accounts. To stay active, a good practice is 10 pins per day. These pins can range from educational resources to marketing materials that direct followers to your website. Having a variety of pins everyday keeps users engaged daily. Just make sure the content is useful and relevant for your followers. 

9. Connect your social accounts to Pinterest

There are 2 ways you can do this:

Insert the link to your Pinterest account on your social media profiles

Tweet your pins or Share your pins to Facebook

Simply click on the share button located at the bottom right of your pin.

10. Insert Pinterest widgets on your website/blog

Add a Pinterest Follow button on your webpage to direct website traffic to your Pinterest account. If you have a blog, add a ‘Pin it!’ button to your images so that visitors can save them to Pinterest directly. Discover the various types of Pinterest Widgets and how to add them into your website here (!

Chao Quan Choo

Chao Quan Choo

UI Designer at OFFEO