Google my business video guide: get your video on google

Have you started a new business lately? Are you worried about people not being able to reach you?

We have a solution for you. — create a Google business profile. It can help you gain visibility on Google and expand your reach. This makes your business stand out from the rest. Just like a doorpost or signboard of your name in front of your house, Google business listing draws people to your business.

Many people look up businesses on Google. Therefore, having an account here can make finding you easier. Moreover, it is free and can boost your marketing. This free listing on Google consists of information about your company, address, phone number, and business hours of this also helps to increase your chances of showing up in the local search results.

Many people want to connect with the business but are unable to do it, that is why using Google business will help customers to reach you. Not just that, it also enhances the earnings and gives insights to business owners about their customers.

More than half of the people who perform a local search about a business visit that place and are ready to become customers. That is unbelievable. If you are interested to put some effort into Google my business, go through this article and save your time. Here we will take you through all you need to know about Google my business and Google Business Video in particular. So let’s dive straight in.

What exactly is Google my business and why is it essential?

So, Google my business is a free and powerful tool that helps you to manage and rank your business on Google. It is free and you have to also do someone in one interaction with your customers. But, is it really essential for your business? We will give you a few reasons why Google my business is beneficial to your business.

1. Rise in traffic, sales, and engagement

Every local business wants foot traffic to be entering its doors. To maintain steady website traffic and also foot traffic can be an issue. Having, Google my business can help your numbers to increase. Along with that, it provides many opportunities for people to engage with your profile. They can easily ask anything calling you or book an appointment or reserve a table through Google my business.

2. Emerge in Google map search

Google maps are the go-to-tool to search for any location near you. Whether it be grabbing a coffee or the nearest salon, everything can be found on Google maps. This instant tool enables people to track any location they want. To have your business on Google my business will allow it to be shown to the prospective customers who will definitely pay you visit. This serves as a really great tool for business owners. This can be done by simply creating Google my business listing and completing the verification after which business or store will show for local searches. By being on Google my business you can also have the advantage of getting included on Google’s local 3 packs. This means that whenever you search for a business or store on Google maps you will get 3 suggestions at the top results. So this provides you a great boost to your visibility.

3. Stand out from the rest

In order to engage with customers, you need to share essential information with them so that they can identify your business easily. A small description that offers customers the idea behind your business then it increases your authenticity. Google My Business is a great way to set your profile and get growing.

4. Gain trust from customers 

Google My Business enables people to trust you before they can make a purchase. Potential customers will drop in at your location once they are sure about the business. When you show up in a local search many people will be drawn to your location and be confident about the place in fact, brands that pop up on Google search are more likely to be considered reputable by customers.

5. Customers can review and share feedback

This is a very influential factor to take your business to new heights. When people give reviews and feedback you can understand better what works for you and whatnot. Thus, you can further make changes and over time you can get more reviews and better ratings.

Additionally, this gives you an extra advantage over your competitors. Having your business on Google My Business you can boost your company appeal.

6. Known your business better

In Google my business, you have an insight section that gives you analytics and data regarding the visibility of your brand and how customers are engaging with your business. To make your business better you can improve and modify your strategics, by looking at this data. Google my business can also work as an additional marketing strategy that is simple and cheap as compared to paid advertising.

After all these advantages, let’s take a look at some reasons to upload videos to Google my business.

Video marketing has definitely dug its roots into the marketing scene. After Google has added the video option in Google my business, the prospects of marketing have increased. Let’s talk about why one should upload videos to Google my business.

There are a lot of companies these days, that being said it becomes really difficult to stand out from the slew of companies. Having videos on Google My Business is a great way to show how your company is different. It also helps you to show details about your work which cannot be probably shown in pictures.

When customers watch a video about a certain product they are more inclined towards buying it. This helps them to get to know about the product and how to use it. Videos are also capable of inducing conversations. When you add videos you can capture the attention of the viewers and make them purchase your product.

Ranking well on Google can be a really great way to boost your sales and to have the ranks videos are a tested way to achieve it. By using videos you can utilize Google to its full potential and start to see the benefits. We will now guide you on how to post videos on Google My Business.

How do I add videos to Google My Business?

1. The first step to add videos is undoubtedly to log into your Google my business account. If you don’t have one do not worry it is really easy to create a new one.

2. On the left-hand side menu click on “photos “.

3. You will find a top menu, with some options, click on “Video ” and select “Post Video “.

4. This gives you the choice to select a video from your computer storage or by simply using the drag and drop option you can upload the video.

5. Save it that is the final step and you are good to go. But keep in mind a few things before you upload any video to Google my business listing. We will list out the guidelines for you to make your work easier.

Guidelines for video content on Google My Business.

1. Upload original content – For your video to be able to get into Google my business listing the video should be authentic and relevant. Any sort of stock footage will be taken down by Google. Therefore, always post original and real videos.

2. Specification – i) The size of your videos can be a minimum of 100 MB .

The video format can be MP4 , WMV , FLV ,AVI ,MKV ,MGP , MTS .

ii) The resolution should be 720p or more to give a clear quality.

iii) Length of Google my business can be upto 30 seconds.

3. Less use of text- Using minimal text an essential part to make a great video. Text should not use up more than 10% of the frame.

4. Appropriate use of images – Using clear images is crucial to create a great video. By applying effects filters, borders and blurs the quality of the image is hampered. Avoid using collage images, designs , drawings in your videos. They tend to obscure the imagery and hinder people from seeing the actual version. People will be really attracted if they see videos which are clear.

Note: It generally takes 24 hours for your video to go live in the business listing. Be patient till 24 hours and you can see it after that.

How to integrate your YouTube channel to Google My Business?

Integrating your YouTube channel to Google listings will drive traffic to your YouTube channel and will help people to know more about your business. Follow these steps are your YouTube channel is linked to your Google my business. However, if you specifically want to upload a YouTube video then you have to do that natively. Upload the native video to Google my business, which is on YouTube also. Let’s get started with the steps involved in linking your YouTube account to Google.

1. Open Google search, type the name of your business in the search bar.

2. As you ready own a business and have a Google listing you will see a layout with your business name on top.

3. Click on your name and the new layout will open.

4. Select the create post option and add any picture you want, preferably something about your YouTube channel. After selecting the picture from your dashboard your picture is saved.

5. Then you have to select write post, where you can add a message asking viewers to go check out your channel.

6. Below that you will find an option of “Add a button ” .Just click it. Below it you can find ” Learn more ” .

7. Go to your YouTube channel and copy the link to your YouTube channel and paste it under the ” Learn more ” option. You can remove the www and https part. You can also adjust the picture that you uploaded.

8. Go to the top right corner select “Preview ” and you are able to see how it looks on your business page. Just click on learn more and it will open to the YouTube channel.

In the same way, you can also add any other video on YouTube that is over 100 MB and can not be uploaded. Just add the link to the longer video in the learn more section and you are good to go. The size of your video is a decisive factor and sometimes over 30 seconds of video can also be uploaded. There are great ways to show the behind the scenes of any upcoming event you are going to have and add ask people to come down and join the event.

How do I rearrange photos on Google my Business?

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t give you the power to choose which photos to show first. You can not decide the order of photos. Google features these images on your listing which are most relevant. This is done by Google’s algorithm.

Now that you know so much about Google My Business video, you should definitely make your own videos. And if you are not sure about what type of video you should make, we will guide you through it by giving a few suggestions.

The first type of video could be a self-explained video about your business and yours. Put forward the point that makes you different and unique and why should people buy from you. Secondly, you could do a behind the scenes video and show the viewers your office and your team members. Next up, you can also make a presentation video about your business, that concludes BTS footage, IFOTS footage, and product footage. You can also include infographics in your video to attract the viewer and make it appealing.

You can make your own video and if you are all set to start making your own video then use OFFEO . Our free online video maker helps you to create and edit high-quality videos all by yourself. There is no need for a professional designer, you can do that all by yourself.

Impressive videos can be created at just a snap. You can select from our wide collection of designer templates on you can start from scratch. Select the font, colors, theme, images according to your likeness. You can also add animated graphics and music to it from our extensive library. Just press “Download ” and your new video is all done in seconds.

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