We know your pain. Spending hundreds of dollars on Facebook ads but they are not giving you the results you want: Low CTRs, near 0 Conversions…

After analysing and sieving through all the successful Facebook Ads by companies, we have noticed and collated the top 10 learning points that made these ads successful. You are welcome.

1. A simple, yet bold, primary color scheme.

Keep it simple. Choose a bold color that creates a bright imagery like Air Asia’s ad. This helps to grab scrollers’ attention as your ad stands out strikingly in users’ feeds. 

Striking and bold colors include: Red, Blue, Green.

2. You should include these words in your Ad Text now.

To open your ad text with a strong hook, start off with these words:

  1. You – Our brain is activated by hearing or thinking of ourselves, so making use of the word ‘You’ would make the ad feel and look hyper-personalized.
  2. Free – A highly valued word as humans are always looking out for free stuff!
  3. Because – A study featured in Harvard Magazine has shown that when we are offered a reason with ‘because’, we are more likely to be persuaded. 64% of participants were persuaded without ‘because’ vs 94% with ‘because’.
  4. Instantly or now – It is backed up by brains scans: when we get offered something instantly, our brains go crazy!
  5. New – It helps to re-energise your brand and create a more refreshing image in your customers’ minds.

3. Make your ad copy clear and catchy

Here is a useful infographic by Facebook on writing good ad copies.

4. Create short and concise Ad headlines

  1. Keep it short – 4-5 words maximum
  2. Focus on a single specific thought/idea
  3. Start with an imperative verb (eg. Get, Click here, Come Down Now!) – your CTA
  4. Draw links with the ‘What’ (your CTA) and ‘Why’ (benefit of acting) 
  5. If possible, use numbers/special characters (?,100%,!)
  6. Include attractive keywords: New, Free

5. Link description

Make sure it links with the Headline. Additionally, you can use it to repeat, clarify, or elaborate on your Ad Text.

6. Use High Quality, Relevant Visuals

This is especially important if you are promoting a premium product. Also, avoid using visuals that are irrelevant to the product/service you are advertising. This will likely confuse viewers.

7. Show Faces to draw attention

Using Facebook Ads Psychology, faces draw attention to your ads and help users to relate better with your business and offering. Want your audience to associate your product with positive results or feel positive about your ad? Use HAPPY faces!

8. Urgency and scarcity

Words like ‘Limited stock left’ or ‘Last 3 Days!’ can get users to click and find out on what they may be missing out. At the end of the day, they may decide to convert because of their desire to not lose out.

9. Use Social Proof

A Nielsen Study found that 92% of people trust recommendations from other people, even if they are strangers. Types of Social Proof includes, Reviews, Case studies, Certifications, News mentions and more! Include them in your ad copy or image. 


Take a look at some good examples below:

10. Consistency is key

This is the most important step. Having applied steps 1-9, the final step is to make sure every component of the user experience follows through. Your ad copy, ad image and landing page should be consistent to avoid cognitive dissonance. For instance, your ad image and headline should also be in your landing page. This reduces bounce rate (viewers exiting once they reach your landing page).

That’s all folks! I hope you have learnt some secrets in making a successful Facebook Ad! Start applying these techniques and keep track of the results (number of likes, views). Make adjustments when deemed necessary. Have fun!