Always wanted to start your own YouTube channel? Or are you a YouTuber that has ran out of creative juices and you would need some help to generate more ideas for YouTube videos? In this article, we will help you unravel the mystery to generate constant YouTube video ideas where it is almost impossible to run out with. These days, it is also important to create content that you not only love, but content that are engaging and would keep the viewers coming back for more. This way, your viewers would feel involved and it becomes a two-way relationship, instead of just creating what you think your viewers would want to see.

Having a plan is important and as a YouTuber, if this is your full time career, you should take this even more seriously. One of the first step that you should do and typically most major YouTube channels or YouTubers would do is to make a list. A list of YouTube video ideas planned out for the month, or for the next few months or for the year. Sit yourself down and start brainstorming.

What Are The Most Popular Topics On YouTube?

Some of the most popular topics on YouTube can mostly be found under the trending tab on the left corner of your YouTube menu. This is a good space for you as a YouTuber or even Viewers to get you next video inspiration or research on some of the most popular topics that are going on right now. This is one of the most easiest way to generate YouTube video ideas for your next YouTube video.

Exploring The Trending Tab

There is more to it than just a trending tab displaying popular trending YouTube videos. This is where it gets interesting. YouTube has even done us the favour by providing categories in the trending tab. Depending on the type of content you are intending to produce, you may delve deeper into the individual categories and to take a look at what type of content are trending. With that in mind, browse through the videos provided and you would be able to draw inspiration from it. Narrow down to a specific category where you wish to explore further and feel that you are more confident to create videos for that category as compared to other categories. That would be a good way to start things off.

Here are some guidelines to help kickstart your YouTube channel:

  • Identify a category/niche you are interested in
  • Start exploring and do your research by visiting the big channels of those categories
  • Find out and list down what kind of video types do they create? A vlog type, tutorial type, or a review
  • Pay more attention to how they start off their videos and how they transit through the video
  • List down the process and see if they have left out any portions you feel you can add into it, or if there are certain unnecessary scenes where you feel isn’t needed in a video
  • Start planning out the type of content you wish to create
  • Based on your comfort level, schedule and plan out which days you want to upload your videos, after which, make sure that your uploads are consistent
  • If you do not upload on a daily basis, make use of your free time to improve your skills, such as your video editing skills, presentation skills, or your filming

It will be something new initially, but once you’ve got the hang of it, once you have picked up the momentum. You will have no problem doing it. It is exactly like creating a new habit. All it takes is to get used to it.

Trending "How-To" YouTube Video Ideas?


Photo by fran innocenti on Unsplash

Simply just hit the search bar on YouTube with “How to…..” along with what you have in mind, it can be “how to mount a new TV console onto your wall” or “How to use the new Dyson air wrap efficiently”. “How-to” videos can never go wrong as there is no right or wrong and people buy products based off on different motivations. So if you are able show them or educate them how it can be fully utilized, people might learn a thing or two after watching your videos. That is what a good YouTube channel or video should be about. To give back and value-add to people’s lives.

There is also a channel called “HowToBasic” where they create “How-to” videos, where most of it is just documentation of the process of it, there isn’t even a voice over or commentary in most videos. Their channel was created back in 2011 and with a total of 528 videos till date, all their videos have been garnering millions of views! You may take inspiration from big channels like these for your video ideas or your next YouTube video. If you do not wish to explain it or the video itself is self-explanatory, you can just do a time lapse video to fasten up certain time consuming steps and there you have it, a “how-to” YouTube video done.

Get Started: Creating "How-To" YouTube Videos

Creating your very first YouTube video may be intimidating to some. Because for those who are famous today, people would often go back to search and look for that particular YouTuber’s first YouTube video as they are curious and want to find out if his/her video content did change over the years. However, you don’t have to get everything right the first time. It is important to be prepared and to have everything thoroughly researched and planned out. But if you overthink and contemplated, it might create this self-doubt where you will always question yourself if you have done enough research, have you covered everything that you should in this video etc. End of the day, you would not get things done.

Rather, if you were to have any video idea at all, be it reaction videos, time lapse, playing a video game, or even a behind the scenes video. Just go ahead, create a video, get the momentum going and soon enough, you will slowly fine-tune your content and know what must be done and what you should look out for moving forward. Your audience would generally feel. happy and proud of you as a fan to see you grow and improve yourself as a person.

Ideas For A "How-To" Video

“How-to” videos are a huge hit on YouTube. People are constantly on the look out when it comes to “How-to” and you will be amazed that the knowledge and expertise that you have, may be something that someone on the other end of the world is looking out for. Do not underestimate yourself, if you have a particular set of skills or if you are able to help your friends solve certain issues or you have a particular way of doing things that would help complete a task or get something done, that could be an idea for your next “how-to” YouTube video.

Funny "How-To" Ideas


Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Fun YouTube videos or funny video in YouTube can also be created out of nowhere. As long as you think that it is funny, either try re-enacting it, piece it together into a video. Funny YouTubers videos do in fact get more views too, because if you are able to make your friends laugh, there is no doubt that you are able to make people around the world laugh too. You never know, it might make a person’s day and brighten up their mood if they are feeling down or sad.

The difference between a normal “how-to” video and a funny one is that, you may exaggerate certain actions or moves, if you feel that by showing a more angrier reaction or drawing a thicker eyebrow might crack someone, just do it. A funny “how-to” video, if done right would garner more views as it is much more engaging. Besides being able to learn something from your video, the viewers would get a good laugh out of it.

Here are some basic tips you may follow when creating a funny “how-to” YouTube video:

  • Have in mind what type of “how-to” video you want to create
  • Write down the steps needed and delve deeper into each steps
  • Make sure till the last step you would have completed the task
  • Go back to each step, rehearse and try going through the motion of it
  • While going through the step by step process, find opportunities where you can inject comedy or accentuate certain actions or words to make the whole step funny
  • Then rehearse with the comedy element in it and once you are ready, start recording
  • You can also add emojis or sounds during those funny parts of the video while editing
  • Once you are happy with your video, upload or schedule it to your Youtube channel

Bonus: More YouTube Video Ideas

There is no right or wrong video to make in the YouTube community. It may just be a video of you unboxing a new TV console, you can turn that into a product review and read some of the specifications off the manual provided and give it a test and your take on it. It may also be a reaction video where you react to the current controversial topic or the newest product that is the talk of the town. Everyone has their own perspective and what purpose that particular product may serve to them.

Here are some other YouTube Video ideas to for you to get started with:

Product Review Videos

Review products and show how applicable it is to your life, explain how it has helped to make your daily life much more convenient. Else review the latest product out in the market if you have some budget. You may consider tech or beauty products as they are generally much more popular among the searches. If your review is comprehensive enough, you may even get sponsorships from companies who would like you to review their latest products.

Podcast Videos

These days, Podcast type videos has been also quite popular. With podcast type videos, viewers need not view the video but at the same time, they are able to consume your content. This is a good way as it kills two birds with one stone. Viewers can choose to watch the video and listen to the audio or just focus on the audio itself without missing out anything at all. With Podcast type videos trending, you can discuss almost anything. From controversial topics to sensitive topics that people are never likely going to talk about it. These would provide viewers with a fresh perspective and also if they have difficulties dealing with certain issues, they can seek solutions out of your podcast.

Movies, Books, Games Review Videos

There are some viewers where they would want to get feedback and reviews before making a purchase of a game or book, or even to watch a movie. If you are an avid gamer, reader, or movie-goer, you may consider creating review videos for your viewers. Go watch that movie the moment it is being released, go buy and read through that book once it is on shelves, pre-order or grab that latest game that everyone has been hyping for. Companies behind the latest movies, books, or games would already have done prior marketing for it for awareness. So all you have to do is to leverage on their “product” and provide commentary and your opinions about it, let your audience know what they are in for if they were to make that purchase. This would help your viewers make a more informed decision before buying that book or game. You can either be non-bias and neutral, or you can be real and just voice out your frustration or which part of it annoys you or could be done better.

Q&A Videos

Once you have garnered a steady following of subscribers where you can no longer reply each and every one of their comment, instead of replying them manually, you can create a Q&A video to answer your subscriber’s questions or replying their comment directly. Your viewers would feel more invested in watching your videos as they are looking forward to hearing your reply to their unresolved, heart-burning questions. This would help bring you as a YouTuber and your viewers even closer.

Workout Videos

Fitness has also been an all popular category of videos to create. If you are a workout junkie or if you have certain unique ways of working out that you feel that like-minded people like you would be able to learn from your videos, this itself is a video idea. Or if you are the adventurous type where you would often try different sports or visit different fitness gyms to try yoga, pilates, crossfit, Hiit, muay thai, karate, etc. These would be a good insightful video for those who are considering to try out or pick up that particular sport. Your video would also help them to manage their expectations and to help them understand what they are up for from a more realistic perspective. This way, viewers can also make better decision-making whether they are willing to go through tortuous workout routines or if this is really the right sport for them or not.

A Day In The Life Vlogs

Start recording your day, people are generally interested to find out how other people are living their lives and walk in their shoes. You can either do a POV recording or record yourself in selfie mode. You may be a nurse, a customer service consultant, a digital marketer etc. It does not matter, because not everyone has friends who has the same profession as you. It could be an interesting take to some and an insight to many if they ever decide to want to switch careers. Or you can just vlog about your daily routines like what is the first thing you do when you wake up, or is there any specific thing you will do before you go to sleep? These are all video ideas, all you’ve got to do is just start creating videos.

Reaction Videos

You can compile a ton of funny clips all around the world, after piecing them together, create a video of you reacting to it. There is something really oddly satisfying when it comes to watching reaction video of a particular song, show, or YouTube funniest video moments.

Behind The Scenes Video

Behind the scenes can help amass lots of views if there is something that people do not usually know how it is being done. Like how would you setup your room or a scene to film your next YouTube video. These are all fantastic YouTube video ideas that you can take advantage of and turn it into a video to post on your YouTube channel. Not only do you show your audience how you get things done, it is also a great way for those who are aspiring video producers, or game streamers. You are able to show them, how much does it take to produce the kind of quality you are producing for your channel, or how much effort does it take to make a video like yours if you were to document your video editing process.

Cultural Videos

The internet is a good way to spread awareness and to educate people about your culture. If you are an asian and there are certain festivals that you celebrate, you can document and film the entire process down into a YouTube video. Along the way, you can explain why certain things are done a certain way, provide tips, dos and don’ts that should be respected in your particular culture or country. As we mentioned earlier, everyone would have their own way of doing things which may be slightly different, and it is totally okay. Just make sure if you are not confident enough to speak, you can record a voice-over and add it into your videos while editing it. This is a great way to show your viewers and allow them to get to know how certain traditions must be respected or how things are done here.

Animal/Pet Videos

Pets have always been close to us, especially animal lovers or pet owners. If you have a specific way of training your dogs, or certain products you would want to share with the world on how good it is, this itself is a YouTube video idea already. From there on, you can expand and create more video ideas with it. Certain viewers might have the same breed or the same problem as your dog or find it difficult to maybe potty train their newborn puppies. If you have successfully trained your dog, you may re-enact or go through the whole process with your furry friend and make a video out of it. There are also certain exotic animals where only certain countries or state are allowed to be kept. So these are also good YouTube video idea to tap onto. Because your audience would like to know how you look after them, their diet, how you interact with them and if they want to get that animal, what should they look out for, the after care etc.

Collection Videos

Do you have a side hobby where you have been collecting coca cola bottles, vintage ornaments, stamps, or even a collection of toys. You can make a video to showcase your collection, and also document on how you procure your products and expand your collection. Whenever you have something new added to it, that can be another video itself. Like-minded collectors would be keen to watch your videos, they would want to know how you manage to get your hands on these rare collector’s item.

Facts About Yourself Videos

This type of videos would allow your viewers to get to see a little bit of your personality and for them to understand you better. You can share with them how you get certain things done, explain the rationale behind it, how did it led up to being a habit, how did it happen etc.

Educational Videos

Educating is also another form of value-adding to people’s lives. There are some theories or concepts that are tough for some people to wrap their head around it. But if you have a better way of explaining it, a more engaging and creative way to do it. Whether it’s a formal or informal way, it could really help people from all over the world with your amazing clarity of storytelling or explaining things.

Gaming Videos

Gaming and esports has been picking up lately and there are some people who games full time for a living. If you are a recognised figure in any particular game, this is a good way to show people and showcase your gaming skills. All you have to do is to either record yourself and the gameplay footage, or just the gameplay with a voiceover. If you have already mastered certain tough characters, you can even do a tutorial video to educate your viewers and teach them how to perfect a certain technique or how to use them through your tips and tricks.

If you are not a pro gamer, it is also fine to create gaming videos. If you are able to be yourself and not afraid to showcase your personality in front of the camera. Just create a video to show how your gameplay and inject your personality into it. If you have strong reactions or funny moments where you screwed up, you can record them and compile it into a video. It will be entertaining and a good laugh for those who are playing the same game as you, because they totally get it.

Dance/Music Videos

If you have a knack for dancing or grooving to your favorite songs or music video, you can create a video out of it too. It is considered as a genuine YouTube video idea. You can have your own rendition to the already popular music video or if favorite songs of yours do not have any music videos, you can create one to make it either really professional looking, or re-enacting to the same scenes but exaggerate it to make it more funny.

Cooking Recipes Videos

Always been a chef at home? Always on the lookout to whip out something nice for your friends and family? Why not document the process of it. Display and prep your ingredients properly, shoot them in artistic angles and provide a list of ingredients and the amount needed. Then start cooking them and recording the whole cooking process. You can choose to walk your audience through and explain as you are cooking, or for those of you who find it hard to multi-task; to explain and cook at the same time, you may choose to record a voice-over and add it into your videos after. This would also allow you to properly organized your thoughts and better explain your cooking procedures.

How Can I Make My YouTube Videos More Interesting?

Create Content For Your Viewers

Create Content For Your Viewers

Photo by Ashley Light on Unsplash

Viewers these days don’t just want to only watch a video that has similar content as other Youtubers. Rather, they would like to get to know you more. Do not be afraid to show the real you. You would be surprise how some viewers would appreciate and be able to resonate with your rationale or your way of life. Show your viewers your authentic real self and get people talking under the comments section, make sure to reply them if you have the time! For starters, if you do not have much comments, make the extra effort to reply each and every comment to make your viewers feel special and heard.

Another great way to reach out to your audience is to constantly communicate with them through your community tab under your YouTube profile. Get them to help contribute ideas through polls or surveys and interact with them. When you have your results tabulated, you can then schedule and create videos from that specific style or theme for your audience. When you publish and roll out video ideas that comes from your audience, this gets more interesting. Because they get to see your take and creativity on that subject matter or from that specific content. If your videos have minimal to no edits at all, usually in most vlog-formatted videos, you can consider picking up video editing as there are tons of video editing tutorials on YouTube as well.

Conclusion: YouTube Video Ideas

End of the day, your videos should be created with the intention to value-add to your audience. All you’ve got to do is to just start creating content, start filming and documenting anything. You do not need to possess any strong video editing skills if you can’t even speak well in front of the camera, first YouTube video ideas are usually the ones that are memorable. Years later, many people will look back from your first video and the progress you’ve made along the way, the lessons learnt. It is so much more fulfilling and enriching this way. It should never be money-driven, or to rake up those views. If you have that mindset, it’ll never benefit you in the long-run. In this day and age, it is about giving back. Only when you start giving to the community, start educating people, value-adding and enriching their lives, only when you have created an impact, will you be able to reap a very rewarding career as a YouTuber. We have all heard that saying before, “There are some things that you can never buy with money”. The respect that people have for you, the perceived impression that your viewers who have not met you in real life before. These are some things that you can never buy from anyone, and you have no control over it.

But what you have full control of, is the content that you push out through your channel. Don’t create a channel and just replicate content or be just like another YouTuber around the block. Instead, create a channel that is scalable and would impact people’s lives in a positive way. Create professional content and roll it out consistently, that is what a good YouTube channel or Youtuber would do. You would also need tools and resources to help you along the way, if you decide to make a video and upload it on a daily basis, then you would need a hassle free online video editing platform that does not require much learning at all. Offeo has a simple drag and drop interface platform where you can upload your videos, cut and trim, edit frame by frame and add graphics and royalty free background music to. Simply create a free account and you are good to go!

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