14 Different Types of Video Content with Bonus Tips

November 11, 2021

Gone are the days when people completely depended on offline forms of marketing. With the growth in online media, video marketing has become the new king of marketing. Mike Henry rightly said, "We're operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following." With one click people can know a lot about your business and get some brand awareness. In addition, it can give you a handful of users. Once you enter the domain of video marketing you will love what video can do for you. This is a valuable practice that gives you and your brand a different recognition. Throughout the buyers' journey, a video can serve a lot of purposes which we have discussed in our article on video marketing strategy. In this article, we will be talking about the types of videos that you can use in marketing. It is crucial that you know what video will be apt for your marketing strategy.

Live video

Live-action videos are videos that are broadcasted in real-time, open your social media and you get a notification of one or the other live video. This is not going to go anytime soon and it is a very important part of your social media strategy. Most of the platforms give importance to live videos as they occur at that moment. These videos, therefore, attract more attention. It can be funny, informative, entertaining, educational, and meaningful.

As the video is broadcasted people have a chance to interact with you and ask you questions and post comments which gives you the opportunity to address their issues or simply reply to them. This further builds credibility and trust in your brand. You have to be very confident on camera as there is no room for mistakes in videos like this.

This type of video enables the audience to know about your human side by building a connection on an emotional level and thus it helps them to trust what you say or do. These videos can enable you to easily communicate whatever you want to the audience. Live-action videos can be used to communicate about you and your brand by telling your story in videos like this. You can also make tutorials, product launches, events, talk shows by experts, or sales videos in live videos that help in video marketing.

So, the next time you consider going live look at all these advantages and go out there on the most appropriate platform that will give you benefit and make it a part of your video content marketing.

Animation video

A video is a powerful tool that can be used to convey your message. Among the many types of video content animation videos can be a helpful way to hold the viewer’s attention and bring life to a story. It’s a great way to illustrate a point or tell a story in an entertaining way. Animated videos help focus the audience on the message you want them to see, and it makes people want to have a conversation and is also entertaining at the same time.

When you do not have the resources to invest in actors and crew whiteboard animation is the best way to create an online video that appeals to potential customers. Animated videos can give you full marks on getting your message across because they are entertaining and help simplify complex messages too.

2D,3D and stop motion are three animation styles. If we were to compare the three, 2D animation looks flat, like a comic or cartoon. In contrast, 3D animation has dimension and depth, like most modern animated films and video games that you see these days. Stop motion animation is different from the two as in where it is built by capturing individual frames of real objects and then converting them into animation.

If you have to explain a mechanism or a difficult process all you have to do is use animation to bring those to life and simplify the topics. This is one of the best forms of video content marketing. Using tools will make your work easier like Offeo's animation maker which lets you create customized professional animations at a snap without any prior animation experience.

Educational videos

These types of video content are short and informative. Educational videos are useful for social media posts, blogs and emails. They offer information that can help your audience to experience some relief. Because of this information they can trust you more than any other brand. These types of video content provide real value to the target audience. Educational videos come at the top of the marketing funnel where people are usually searching for new information. It increases brand exposure, builds trust, and also helps you rank better in search results. The goal behind educational videos is to help and guide customers and not be too salesy, so that the audience remembers you in a positive way. If done the right way, educational videos are surely going to give you higher results. By building credibility you can bring more people to engage in your brand and videos. By leveraging the right video content you differentiate yourself from others and gain more viewers.

Testimonial videos

These types of video content are used to build trust and credibility among potential customers by sharing customer stories that act as social proof coming from the customer itself. An existing customer shares the experience with others and this leads to all their answers also. When a product solves the customers' issues it is wise to make a testimonial video. The video should be convincing enough for the audience so that they know how the brand serves them in the best way. Testimonial videos have a personality of their own that makes sense and it is easy to sell your story. Genuine, real, and personalized videos tend to have a great impact on the audience's mindset and it forms an emotional pull that finally leads them to make a purchase. Moreover, testimonial videos help to nurture more leads and maximize the impact as they have real stories in them. This is a great idea as your current customers and their feedbacks do all the selling for you.

Explainer videos

Among the different types of video that we watch explainer videos are informative videos that explain a company's product or service. These are either placed on the own website or landing page. The advantages of using explainer videos are they increase conversion rates. When people know about your products and how they are designed to solve specific pain points they relate more to it. Not only conversion rates explainer videos are reported to have increased website traffic too. Short in length and easily digestible content is helpful in creating video. This is due to the reason customers these days have a short attention span where you have to relay information to them.

Company culture videos

There are a lot of people who might be interested to be a team member in your company or brand but what will make them know about your work ethic. It is these company culture videos that provide an insight into what to expect from your company and how all team members function. A Company culture video can transform mere viewers into motivated candidates. This type of video style establishes an emotional connection to your brands' culture. Further, it makes the decision-making process easy for the viewer on what to do because it sets the expectations on what they can receive from the company and what not. An appealing company culture video should portray how the company is committed to the employees. Along with that, you can also focus on events and deeds that showcase your underlying mission. Therefore, whatever format you choose, highlighting what you really are as a company and what is your work culture is very important.

Behind the scenes

We all love this type of video where we get to see what is actually happening there. Behind the scenes is that type of video which is a very popular informal video format. While creating videos like this it is imperative to give a peek into the reality of what actually goes down in the company. The audience will love the fact that you are trying to establish a bond with them by sharing things. The more you engage with the audience the more chances of your brand being more relatable. Relatability leads to more purchases. when the audience will understand how you function and how your business is unique it will be rightly leveraged in the business. Transparency is what people expect from you as a brand and that will generate more trust. Office tours, backstage during an event, showing any new product creation or production are few ways where you can try behind-the-scenes videos. When the video starts people see raw footage in the video clips that humanizes your brand.

Promotional videos

A promotional video, or promo video, is a video used to advertise an upcoming product or service. These videos are often similar in style and tone to teaser videos where you grab your audience’s attention and draw them in to learn more. Promotional videos are pieces of content that celebrate an achievement or event, wish viewers a happy holiday, or tell their brand story. These types of videos are promotional in nature because they’re transmitting information from the brand to the audience without asking them to buy something outright. Promotional videos are an ideal way to introduce your business to new customers. It can be placed at the forefront of all your digital marketing efforts because it conveys important information about your company’s values and lets you establish a distinct brand voice.

Video Emails

This is a very important part of Email marketing where a video is embedded in the Email. Make sure to send out video emails to users you’ve obtained contact information for. These emails should be personalized and have a video attached that conveys your brands' message or highlights any new product or service. Videos are a great way to catch attention while CTAs can help boost your conversions. This is one of the video types where you can directly reach your target customer. people can watch it whenever they open their mail either on computers or mobile devices. Email is one aspect of marketing that is used less these days due to the advancements in social networks.

Video presentations

Video presentations are a great way to get the attention of an audience. This is because they are able to convey information in a way that is both entertaining and informative. Graphics can be used to effectively showcase products or processes, while also getting the message across quickly. You can choose to demonstrate some process in video or you could even go for inspirational and informative videos. The statements you use should be clear and catchy. Some storytelling and the right music will set the right tone.

Typography videos

Moving text or kinetic typography is an animation technique that combines movement and words to express ideas. As a company, there are lots of products, services, and ideas that your customers and viewers need to know, but the audience is not alike. Some of them respond to visuals while some of them are more responsive towards text. It’s a great way to grab attention from both those who respond to visuals and those who respond to the written word. This is most effective when you have only one concept or feeling to share. You can pack information into a short timeframe using fast typography. These types of video formats will invoke the senses even more and if the audiences miss out on some parts they will still be able to get the point behind it.

How-to videos

In our everyday lives, there are a lot of things that we do not know and that is when the internet helps us. Just one internet search and we learn how to do that. Do not consider your audience for a moment and reflect on yourself and how these types of videos on search engines like youtube helped you create and learn something new. Video production has become very easy and affordable these days with digital recording and the wide variety of resources available. Maximum people use their mobile phones to search for something they cannot do. This is a great way to put out the benefits associated with your product and services so that people will know about specific features. the most important part of a how-to video is to keep it informative. The next thing to take care of is to be specific as it will yield better results than general ones. Short and simple videos work best, consider adding subtitles too. Using a great compelling title will lure the audience and they will watch the video. Tailor the concept in such a way that clear, concise instructions in an interesting manner that fits in a short time will be created.


An FAQ video is a great way to grow and continue your relationship with your audience. An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a great place to start for new or potential customers who want to know more about your business prior to converting. After the conversion, the FAQ video can be used if they have any other questions regarding your product or service.

An FAQ (sometimes called a “Frequently Asked Question”) video is a great way to provide answers and information about your product or service in an organized and easily digestible format. This type of video can be used to convince potential customers to purchase from you, as well as to help existing customers who have already purchased from you. this comes in the decision stage of a buyer's journey. Clarity is very important in a FAQ video. In particular, FAQ videos are good when they’re short and to the point. Every individual topic should have its own video because this makes it easier to convey the message.

start by collecting questions that have been asked. They can be gathered from any source, either from questions that have already been asked or from surveying potential customers for questions they want to ask but haven’t yet. Be clear and easy to understand when answering, and provide other resources like a link to a how-to video if the answer is more in-depth.

FAQ videos help your users to know more about topics and not only them it also helps prospects know more. Plenty of FAQ videos will make the customer experience comfortable and you might also be the new favorite. People will come to you again and that is how your business will bloom. More and more new customers will join you because of the answers they receive to their questions which will create an attachment or bond to your brand.

Product videos

Showing off your products and convincing viewers can be done best by using product videos. These are like commercials where the key features of a product or service are highlighted. Portraying the product in the best light is necessary if you want more people to buy from you. This is a great way to convert visitors to loyal brand customers. All the new products that you launch should get the best possible attention and all the details about it should be told in a convincing manner. This is where product videos work their magic. Every company wants to make their product pop and give sufficient reasons for the viewers to make a purchase. It gives the viewers an insight into the product features and why they need them. These video clips are the best way to do so as they create a lasting impression in the consumer's mind. This video style is helpful in increasing conversion rates and brand awareness about the product.


A video blog, also known as a vlog, is a short video about one main topic. The video should last approximately one minute and be able to be easily understood by the target viewers these are usually used for testimonials and thought leadership. these can also be used for some building a connection with the audience by showing something new and unique. Vlogging (video blogging) is an online video genre that offers a personal perspective on a particular topic. Vlogs are usually filmed by one person in front of their video camera or webcam. A typical vlog describes someone’s personal experience or thoughts on a specific topic and usually includes images and/or videos as well as text descriptions. Regularly posting videos related to your business will help you attract new customers, but it can also show them what you are all about.

Tips to consider while creating video clips

  1. Utilize the first few seconds - People always love an interesting start. therefore always make sure you wisely use the first few seconds and create an eye-catching and engaging opening for the video.
  2. Short and simple - We will always recommend you to keep videos short as possible. On Facebook and Twitter do not cross over 3 minutes and it is not that impactful. A shorter video will perform well on any social media platform. The correct length can work wonders for you.
  3. Follow the goal - it is very necessary that you follow the goal for which the video was made. If you aim at educating or informing the viewers make the video accordingly and if you want to just entertain and inspire the viewers consider making the video that way.
  4. Sound off - As you know that most social videos are played with muted sound, so consider playing your video without sound. you can add a tap button to click if they want to listen with the sound on. If the users are interested they can switch it on else not.
  5. Add captions - most videos these days do not have dialogues and are text-only videos. Adding captions where there are dialogues will make it easier for people to understand. you can also add captions and subtitles in how-tos and vlogs to enable people to follow what you are saying.
  6. Play with different angles - Shooting from the same angle can be a bit boring and mundane. Therefore, consider shooting from different angles so that viewers can see from angles they have never seen before. you could try bird’s-eye or drone videos, 360° views, Go-Pro action shots to give it a new look.
  7. Prioritize native uploading - Native videos have more chances to be seen as social media networks prioritize them. therefore instead of adding a link to the site, you should prefer uploading videos directly to the site.
  8. Loop videos - Videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter loop nowadays if they are short videos. therefore while making the video make it in such a way that the loop is seamless and leaves a good impact.
  9. Edit to make the best video - With so many video editing software available in the market, it has become easier to tailor videos according to one's personal likes and the formats of the network. You can make fun, compelling, and entertaining content that will strike a chord with the people and they will start to follow you and your brand.


Video marketing has surprisingly phenomenal results in reaching out to people. By using these video editing softwares you will not need to invest a lot of money in creating professional videos for your brand but can do it at a very low cost with no experience also.

One such website is OFFEO where we have many tools that help you to create the best video that suits your needs as a brand. You can use our Promo video maker to create videos that will up your marketing game. All you have to do is select any template from our collection and add in music, text, and any other company event details that you want to promote. These templates can fit any purpose of yours without having to hire to professional video team. You can do this all by yourself and get high-quality results too. No prior experience is needed to create these videos, just use your creativity and get started to make what it takes to achieve your dream. So, why wait! go and create your own masterpiece.

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