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With any special occasion coming up, be it weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, events or even parties, having a visually engaging invitation that would capture the attention of your recipients is paramount. You would want to have full control over the design of your invitations. What better way than to create your very own online invitation for free with Offeo’s Invitation Maker.

The hunt for the best invitation maker online

There are tons of invitation maker platforms available online these days, but here are a couple of essentials you should look out for in a good invitation platform to ensure that the invitation design process will be smooth.

  • The platform should have ready-made templates for different occasions for you to begin with
  • You should have full control over the personalization of your texts, images and graphics
  • The invitation interface should be easy to use and no design experience should be needed
  • You should be able to export or share your invitation online via social media platforms

With that said, go through a couple of platforms to see if they fulfill the above checklist. If they do, you should begin designing your invitations.

Time is of the essence

Depending on the urgency of the upcoming event, you should set aside some time to customize your online invitations. If time permits, you may create an invitation from scratch, anywhere from the typography, to the messaging and experimenting with different imagery and graphics to ensure that this will turn out to be your ideal invitation.

However, if you do not have much time on hand, you should take advantage of the ready-made templates available on the platform to begin your creation right away. 

Having ready-made templates to use could save you a great deal of time as the hardest part is always to begin from a blank canvas. With a template, you are able to personalize from there to create your very own unique invitation to stand out.

How to design an online invitation?

Step 1: If you have a design in mind, great! Else scroll through templates after templates to find one that is befitting of the occasion. 

Step 2: After selecting a design template, you should want to include custom imagery or graphics to beautify your invitation. The design elements should be relevant to the specific occasion.

What Imagery to include in your invitation?

Wedding invitations

  • Include photos of both husband and wife, your first date, anniversary pictures, memorable trips, pictures with friends, etc

Wedding Template 01

Use Template

Wedding Template 02

Use Template

Wedding Template 03

Use Template

Baby shower invitations

  • Include pictures of your baby, pictures of your baby as well as the father and mother

Birthday party invitations

  • Include the birthday girl/boy pictures, it can be pictures from past birthdays, recent photos of them, funny moments, photos where he/she stands out etc

Birthday Template 01

Use Template

Birthday Template 02

Use Template

Birthday Template 03

Use Template

Event/party invitations

  • Include dress code (if any), venue of the location, graphics that will further enhance the invitation, e.g. If it is a halloween party, feel free to include bats, cobwebs, vampires, zombies as these are relevant design elements that are specific to the theme of the invitation.

Event Template 01

Use Template

Event Template 02

Use Template

Event Template 03

Use Template

Step 3: Adding a personal touch to your invitation with your own photos or quotes to show your recipients know it’s you. Stand out from the crowd by adding engaging motion graphics only with Offeo invitation maker. 

Step 4: Choosing the right typography or font for your invitation should also be taken into consideration. You should not be having a goofy font for a serious event, but we do encourage selecting a decorative styled font for a birthday party! Having the right typeface will set the tone for your event.

Step 5: Providing details of the invitation should be the most important part of your invitation. Because without details, attendees will not know where to turn up, if there is any dress code to abide, any rules, dos and don’ts they should be aware of etc.

Step 6: Proofing the design with a family member, your spouse, or a friend to get feedback. This is important as you may miss out certain details that should be included in your invitation. Once confirmed, you are ready to export it.

Step 7: After exporting, send out your online invitations via social media platforms to invite your friends! Get them to rsvp or comment on your invitation. 

Be proud of your very own custom invitation as it was carefully thought out and planned by you.

What Imagery to include in your invitation?

If you do not have the time to curate and go through platforms after platforms, do give Offeo invitation maker a try. It is a free online invitation platform with a wide selection of ready-made templates for you to begin with. You do not necessarily need to be a designer to use the invitation maker at all. 

Last but not least, a rule of thumb if you do not have any prior design experience. Your invitation should not be too cluttered and it should consist of only necessary information and details that your intended recipient should know. Having too many design elements or graphics would sometimes create confusion or draw the attention of the attendees away, which would only defeat the purpose of having an invitation.

If you have an urgent invitation to design, look no further.
Try out Offeo free invitation maker today, create your ideal invitations within minutes.