Know The Basics.

Twitter Header Dimensions

Figure 1: How your twitter header will look like in your profile

Figure 2: The top and bottom portion of the header will be cut off

Twitter will replace the top and bottom portion of your header image with the white border seen in Figure 1. Thus, the ideal Twitter header dimensions would be 1500 x 421 px. This size would allow you to comfortably design your header without worrying about any parts getting cut off. (Figure 2) 

The last thing to remember is the area where your profile picture would be. Avoid having images/text in that area as it would be covered by your profile photo. 


Twitter Header file size

Not to exceed 5MB

Can i add a Gif as my Twitter Header?

No. Twitter does not support animated Gifs as your header. 

Use OFFEO to create your stunning Twitter Cover Header

5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Create canvas size by keying in the ideal header dimensions in the ‘Custom Canvas Size’ box. The units are already in pixels. 

Step 2: Choose an image from our stock library. Free to use when you sign up with us. Its free!

Step 3: Add text. 

Step 4: Choose to add graphic elements (we have more than 500 different elements, from 3D shapes to text frames to even art strokes!

Step 5: Download as a single image. You can also choose the timing you would like to download the image from. 

What makes a good Twitter Header?

1. Use a high resolution image

  • Choose your image from OFFEO’s huge library of stocks. All images are in high quality and are Royalty-Free!
  • Or, check out Unsplash and Pexel for FREE HD images

2. Place important elements in the centre 

  • This ensures that your main images/text are in the safe zone and will not get cut off when uploaded onto Twitter (see examples below)

3. Change your header regularly

  • This keeps your profile fresh and updated and shows that you are active on Social Media

Real Twitter Header Examples:

Nike uses its header to strengthen branding by including just the iconic tagline

Notice how Krispy Kreme’s main text is placed nicely in the centre

Samsung takes the opportunity to showcase its upcoming product 

Six Flags Theme Park header conveys all the right emotions: Fun, Thrill, Adrenaline

Domino’s Pizza chooses a tantalizing image to appeal to our taste buds

NBC Entertainment uses its header to tell a story about its logo design over the years

ABC uses its header to show support towards pride month in June

Make your Twitter header cover

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Chao Quan Choo

Chao Quan Choo

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