Take your brand to the next level with a great intro

Share a video that is unforgettable! With OFFEO’s intro maker, you can create a short, stunning introduction to your video that is guaranteed to keep everyone interested.

Here are a few steps create your intro in a few minutes!

Step 1

Let’s get started by creating a new project.

First, select Create a new video from the side bar. Next, Select Designer mode.

Step 2

Select a template from the Design tab

Choose from thousands of designs to get started.

Or you can type intro in the search box to see all the intro designs. After selecting you can press spacebar to preview your video.

Step 3

Replace your logo

Change the Logo easily with just a few clicks.

You can change the logo image easily with the Replace button

Step 4

Type your end tag / URL

Change the words to your brand’s messaging. Also you can change the font type/styling/colours/sizing.

Step 5

Add Music

Choose from over 500 + Music choices. We have a music for every occasion!

Step 6

Preview and export

Once done, you can press spacebar to preview your animation.

Next, click the Preview button at the top right of the screen.
You can export a mov / mp4 video or export them as images in JPEG / PNG format. 

Final Result

After around 5 mins of render, here’s the final output.

The animation possibilities are unlimited with OFFEO. Create your intro animation today!

Start creating your video

OFFEO has thousands of templates to help you get started easily. 

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