Online marketing is an integral part of any business nowadays. The Internet has remained a game-changer in the digital marketing space for better growth of the business. Creating this bonds online with customers have put a significant impact on the business. With the inception of digital marketing, opening up more avenues for marketing, the door to door salesman strategy might not be as popular as before. But, there are many different takes to this, like video marketing with the same intent but with a different approach. All of us, at some point in our lives, have seen sales letters that are over ten pages long, highlighting the issue that we face and how their services can solve it. Here, we will be discussing the lesser-known, highly effective technique of marketing, Video Sales Letters. It is a great way to pique interest among the customers and also a great marketing strategy. 

What Is A Video Sales Letter?

What Is A Video Sales Letter?

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Video Sales Letter, it is the digital equivalent of a door to door salesman. Video sales letters are videos that essentially serve to make viewers aware of a product or service. They resemble sales letters that you read online. There are a bunch of ways to get customers’ attention, and this is one of them. It is a marketing tool that convinces the target audience to buy a product or service by visuals that keep the audience watching the video and purchase the product as soon as the video ends. 

Video sales letters convince viewers that they have a problem, then introduce them to their product, sales and services and encourage action. This convinces viewers that they need what you are selling. This has become a rage in the internet marketing community with more or less the same concept as standard sales letters. The basic format of a sales letter is followed in video sales letters too, where interest is generated among readers’ minds about their problem and how to overcome it, finally followed by a CTA along with an offer so they can get in touch with the retailers. It has been found that sales pages with Video sales letters have higher conversion rates than sales pages with plain text, which means they can convert visitors to buyers. Video sales letters work for a business as their main motive is to sell. If you create a video that many people watch, then your video can make them like your product or service. 

The Importance Of A Video Sales Letter

Video sales letters work for the majority of businesses (above 80%), and they are proved to be really effective in capturing attention and then converting that into the desired action. In visual sales letters, you control what the prospect sees and in what manner they see it. As humans, we tend to relate to what our fellow humans say; thus, through video, we can make them want to purchase our product. Video sales letters are said to perform better than text sales letters. Below we are listing some of the importance of Video sales letters. 


As modern people, we tend to stick to our mobile phones most of our time. This serves as an advantage because people want to look into a video. A sales letter can be handy if it is a video. These videos tell a story, and it is more comfortable as compared to reading a long sales letter. A letter can sometimes be very boring. Marketing has evolved, and video sales letters have replaced the traditional sales letter. Once you create it, Even the laziest of humans will want to watch it. They immediately get sucked into the idea, and now all their attention is yours. 

Engaging Content

Videos are captivating. They tell a story, and attract the people in and keep them engaged till the end. It’s no use if your ads don’t serve the purpose for which it is made – SALES! Thus, an engaging video has the power to drum up interest. 

Emotional Connection

Videos can create an emotional connection, which is immediately seen after the video starts to play. If the audience people like your video sales letter, then your marketing strategy has worked. The only thing that has to be done by you is to build an emotion that the audience can relate to. This draws the customer, and a sense of empathy is brought in.

Excitement And Hype

Many customers become enticed by videos and are ready to take action once they watch a video in the narrator’s voice. They immediately relate to it and are carried away in excitement. Your sales increase if you create a video sales letter. Hence, giving you a successful business venture.

What To Include In A Video Sales Letter?

You now know the multiple impacts a video sales letter can put on the business; let us dive into what all to include in it. What to include in the Video Sales Letter?

You might find a video sales letter on the homepage of a website, a landing page, a sales page, a video advertisement, or linked in an email. After viewing the Video Sales Letter, the audience should be essentially driven and respond to the call to action. Your video should be short and crisp, which delivers a clear message.

A Video Sales Letter can include these elements for it to work and impact the audience.

Attention Grabbing

Make it a point to start with an attention-grabbing statement, and hook them up. You have to be creative with it,so that it will initiate some interest among the audience and give a hint at what is to come making them irresistible.

Highlighting The Situation

You must address the situation or issue that your customers face and how your product solves the problem for them, and they should not ignore it.

Tapping Into Emotions

Emotions are so relatable when someone else also faces the same problem. Show the importance of the product, concentrate on the issue, which can be solved by sharing an emotional story, and how you also faced the same. Explain to them that it is necessary they should solve it now. And how your product or service can be a messiah for them. 

Giving Solutions

Be gentle while presenting your solution before them. It should not seem compulsive, which is one of the most important marketing strategies. A sales video can show the viewer what your product can solve their problem is.

Building Affirmation

Now that you have introduced the solution try to gain their trust and build affirmation about why your product is authentic, and your company is credible.

Proving The Assertion

After you have built credibility, the viewer would definitely want to see proof of your assertions, so this is when you prove yourself. By showcasing that, your product does what it says. Demonstrate that your product works by statistics and testimonials.

Insert A Call To Action

When you have done all of the above, encourage your viewers to act immediately. You can convince them by giving them limited period offers or offering bonuses and discounts. They should feel an urgency to act immediately before they push the issue to the back of their mind. You have to give them incentives to work now!

Provide A Recap Of Your Product/Service Features

In the end, summarize all the advantages of your services, which will positively impact them to purchase your products by reinforcing the various benefits of your services. This will be a helpful marketing strategy to make a great video sales letter. 

Provide Essential Information

Be clear about where to go, what to do by giving contact form, number, or a website to visit.

Creating A Video Sales Letter That Works

Let us now discuss how to create a video sales letter that works because it is a great way to increase website conversion rates.

Figuring Out Your Product Fit

Determining who your audience is, what issue does your product resolve, and what do they need to know so that they can understand the value. Customers have their own situations, and they like and want to get the product that will be a perfect fit for it. So try to judge your place in the market and identify your niche to use it for your benefit.

Deciding On A Format

Video sales letters can be created in many ways. Such as, if you like, you can use animation if you deliver the same message repeatedly as it can make an impact by the visuals. One who is a little low on budget can simply use a smartphone as it is not sophisticated. These formats are critical as they create your first impression, and you wouldn’t want it to be bad.

Writing A Script

Anything that you want to address the audience about should be written down as this can give you the surety about what is to be conveyed, which also avoids the situation where a different message is sent out instead of what you want to say if you are not well prepared. Apply the idea of a side by side layout, where on one side you write the dialogues and the actions or illustrations on the other side. Do not hesitate to jot down these important details because it helps you in the actual process.

Video Production

Time to turn your ideas into a polished and complete video sales letter. Things that you have to keep in mind while doing this is where and when are you planning to use the video? If it is for your website’s home page, try to make it generalized and evergreen. But if you plan to use it in a segmented VSL campaign, personalize it for the company or individual. Also, consider the platform that will host your video sales letter for video marketing and determine the aspect ratio, size, and dimensions of the video. In addition to this, your budget costs are an important driving factor. Moreover, the setup and style of the video sales letter are crucial as it sets the tone.

Designing The Graphics

You can create rough and ready to camera videos, or can opt for animated videos. Either way, you are going to need software to spunk it up and do the work for you. We at help you to edit both of these types by merely spending a little time on the website. After you have a perception of how you want your video to look, you can use many graphical tools and add sound, effects, polish, and motions according to your choices. Our platform is easy to use and gives you wonderful results. 

Save, Share, Promote

On completion of the video sales letter, you can now save and share it on platforms that push people to buy your product immediately. 


Depending on your audience, price, and other assets, create your landing page focused around your video, which highlights what you are offering. 

Promotions in Social Media

Use Facebook or Google ads to increase the traffic into your VIDEO sales letter. Social media is a great way to do that because every other person spends some time daily on social media platforms. 

Promotions In Email

Follow – up through email is very common where you have to configure an automated email that reaches them and provides the audience with the necessary information for follow up.

Best Practices To Creating A Performing Video Sales Letter

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Best Practices To Creating A Performing Video Sales Letter

  1. Keep the length right. Do not stretch the video for too long. Keep it short and to the point. Say what is relevant instead of making the viewer wait for the main things. But remember, busy buyers, wait for none. 
  2. The first 30 seconds are enough to lure the audience into watching the whole video. So you better get it right into it and prevent our audience from getting distracted
  3. The best trick is to promote the video sales letter as much as you can on social media, emails, website landing pages, and everywhere else you can. The more the promotion, the higher the traffic.
  4. Do not limit your content only to production and Sales. Try to gradually inculcate more information, answer questions, and develop confidence. These are all essential qualities of a sales video
  5. Looking for easy ways to create video sales letters for your business? Offeo’s Promo Maker can make your journey to create a video sales letter easy and cost-effective. You can quickly create high-quality videos from our diverse collection of promo video templates. You can also customize it by adding your own pictures, logos, and screenshots. With Geniemate, you can add hundreds of animations and effects. By crafting a polished video sales letter, you can accomplish your marketing goals easily. We believe that every business must include video sales letter in their marketing strategy. Offeo gives you creative freedom without a hole in your pocket, resulting in a professional video sales letter that can beef up your bank account. So, why wait? It’s time for action. 

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