Create an Epic Game of Thrones Looking Animation

Creating an Epic looking animation can sometimes be near impossible. In this tutorial, let’s explore how to create a smoke revealing product video!

You can also start editing from the template with this link  :

Here is a breakdown to create your animation in a few steps!

Step 1

Let’s get started by creating a new project.

First, select Build you own design.

Step 2

Add in background image

Add in a royalty-free stock image into the canvas by clicking the Stocks tab. Search for winter and add this image in.

Step 3

Add Text

Select the Add text to add a new text into the Canvas. For this Tutorial, we’ll be using the “Game Of Thrones” Font

Step 4

Upload your product

Just drag and drop your product image into the canvas to upload. 

Note : For this tutorial, you need to upload your product in PNG with a transparent background.

Step 5

Add the Smoke graphics

Select the graphics tab and click the “Smoke” pack. Next add in the smoke graphics into the canvas

Step 6

Adjust the colour of the smoke

Select the Smoke and click on the Adjust to tweak the Hue/Brightness/Saturation/Contrast.

Step 7

Add Animation to the Product/Text

Scroll the timeline and see when does the smoke fully covers the screen. Next, select the layers  and add in the Fade in animation.

Step 8

Add Snow

Go to the Overlay graphic pack and select the Snow.

Step 9

Add Music

Choose from over thousands of Music choices. We have a music for every occasion!

Step 10

Preview and export

Once done, you can press spacebar to preview your animation.

Next, click the Download button at the top right of the screen.
You can export a mov / mp4 video or export them as images in JPEG / PNG format. 

Final Result

After around 5 mins of render, here’s the final output.

The animation possibilities are unlimited with OFFEO. Create your intro animation today!

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