How is your 2020 going so far? I guess it is full of surprises, and every new day has brought each one of us with some challenges. Staying at home, doing more or less the same things has become a monotonous schedule for all of us. This year has been rough. The Monday blues that we had when things were every day has now been there every other day. People face difficulties in getting out of their beds every day. There is no source of positivity and motivation, even to start the day. But we have to muddle it through. While many people can do it themselves, some people need somebody’s help or assistance to deal with it. The journey from despair to optimism can be said to be very challenging. Here in this article, we will be talking about how to convert your Monday blues to motivation Mondays.

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Why do we need motivation?

Lao Tzu said, ” the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” If you plan to achieve something great in life, then you have to align your work with your goals to achieve your dreams. If you conceive an idea, it can be converted to an impactful business, when you convert your thoughts into action. Motivation is the fuel that ignites your steps towards the goal that you have. Watch a YouTube video and show the world what you are capable of. 

When you are motivated, you know what your priorities are, which in turn helps you to focus on activities that propel you forward in that direction. 

Motivational video can help you to be the best version of yourself. Reaching your goals is not always a bed of roses; there might be many hindrances and setbacks that will make you hopeless and doubtful. However, if you are motivated, you can rerun the path with equal courage and positivity. This, in turn, helps us to achieve desired goals by hanging in there motivated. 

Few people in this world are truly fearless. Once fear kicks in, a lot of people cannot take any action; they just sit back or give up. But for people who are motivated, they can see the bigger picture and win over their fears. To just watch a YouTube video is not sufficient; one should be ready to act on it. A low person can be uplifted with just a motivational speech. 

Self-belief is one term that is very common nowadays. It is primarily associated with motivation because your self-belief or confidence can multiply when you choose to be motivated, which in turn helps you succeed in your goals. You might have seen many youtube creators create inspirational youtube videos and who try to show people about how a motivational video which we watch can impact our lives. 

A motivated person has the power to transfer the positive energy he has to other people around him. Their positivity and lift the spirits of others and can help them strive to achieve their goals. Some have the talent of speech motivation who can show their thoughts to other people just by speaking a few words.

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What are the sources of motivation?

There are many ways in which we get motivated. Without that, it becomes tough to drive yourself to your goal. In this section, we shall look at the sources of motivation

1. Intrinsic motivation

This refers to behavior that means you want to do something for its own sake. Here, people find happiness from doing something rather than achieving the goal.

2. External rewards

This type of motivation is very short-lived as people are encouraged by giving them rewards for doing something.

3. Self-validation

We like to be with people who confirm our thought process, and this verification can keep us motivated and make us feel better about ourselves.

4. Curiosity

It drives the individual to gather the information that is missing to reduce the feeling of deprivation. We immediately become motivated when somebody tells us what we do not know.

5. Avoiding losses

Let us be honest; we do not want to lose; we hate it. So to avoid the losses, we try to stick to what we are currently doing, and it keeps us motivated.

What are the 4 types of motivation?

Human beings are social creatures, and we get affected easily and go in a negative direction. But, motivation can guide us in the right way. Let us look at the types of motivation.

Extrinsic motivation

This comes from outside us. If we are ordered to do something just because the other person is in higher authority or can reward us, we call that extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation

If I have a personal interest in something or I adore the value system, then it is called as inherent motivation as it is done for internal reasons.

Introjected motivation

It is more or less similar to intrinsic motivation except for one thing. Here, if we are not able to do any work, then we feel guilty and responsible for it.

Identified motivation

This means an individual has identified the job that has to be done but has not yet decided to do anything about it.

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How do you inspire someone?

Leading a life of example and inspiring others might sound tough, but it isn’t. Their thoughts and feelings influence every person on earth. But, if you want to inspire others, you have to take a practical approach. You have to move them to act in a way so that they can achieve their goals. 

You can encourage people to read motivational books, which tell a story and engage their emotions and motivate them to act and know their capabilities. 

Challenge them to fulfill some goals in a limited time. For example, you can help people lose weight by giving them daily challenges for their gradual growth and do it also along with them for the inspiration they need. 

Another meaningful way is to create motivational content. Motivational videos garner a lot of views, and why not? People need them! There are a whole lot of motivational videos on the Web for all types of people, encouraging them to pursue their goals by battling the odds. Many people watch videos on Youtube that show them how to live their lives and be motivated. A motivational video on Youtube has a considerable number of viewers as people like to watch such videos. So, let us now dive in to see how to create it.

How to create a Motivational video?

1. The digital world

is taking over, and we can use it to our advantage. Many creators are reaping benefits by creating motivational and inspirational videos. Creating motivational content that can stir a positive emotion is increasing. A motivational speech can encourage your audience to get going in life. Let us look at some ways by which you can inspire your audience.

2. Your inspiration

Ask this question to yourself – what is my passion? Now that you have an answer to it, go ahead and make a motivational video or a motivational speech for YouTube on how you transformed that passion into your growth. By sharing information about it, you can show people how they can do it themselves.

3. Spread positivity

Think from your point of view before creating a YouTube video for motivation, about what would have appealed to you, and what could be those words. Then make a motivational speech in that direction. 

4. Use inspiring visuals

Make sure your content stands out. There are a lot of creators on YouTube, so try to make your video stand out from other videos. You can do so by playing with different effects that can inspire your audience. The audience would love to witness your journey, so create videos that can make them feel they are not separate from what you are. We all are humans, and at some point, some motivational content was responsible for the change in our lives too.

5. Use quotes and develop a story from it

Concentrate on one motivational quote from famous public figures and highlight it by creating a video. You can add some music along with the person’s image who said it and breathe life into the quote. Moreover, it is also not necessary that it is entirely from a famous person. It could be anybody who has life experience and is a leader.

6. Personalize visual stories and add your own twist

Many people think about how negative the world has become. But there are still many untold stories that restore our faith in humanity. So take up any real motivational action and add your own voice-over or commentary to it to just remind people that there is always light amidst the darkness.

7. Suggest practical solutions for daily issues

The perplexity in people’s minds often result when they are trying to understand a problem and solve it. If your video gives the audience an idea of how to help these people solve their everyday situations, they can come back again to watch your YouTube videos. In this pursuit, you should aim to make short motivational videos that help them solve their ground zero problems and thus create an impact.

8. Create testimonials or use statistics

These types of proofs, like testimonials and statistics, inspire audiences to convert their dreams into reality and take a step ahead. A motivational video that has these features can influence the viewers’ minds to reach for their goals.

9. Give stepwise guides

Making short motivational videos by answering daily life questions step by step, in short, opens up new possibilities for the viewer.

10. Use a fantastic script

Be specific and cultivate empathy in how the audience feels about it. Try to make the video relatable, and do not forget to instill hope and confidence. 

11. Make it a custom video

After the script is written, you have to include images, music, and graphics that can be a great key to acquire attention. Be creative and edit the video to convince the audience as a motivational video needs to have a strong background. A little bit of zing and the overall results can help you make a positive impact. 

There are many motivational videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We watch a lot of videos, and sometimes, a single motivational speech can change our perception towards life. Do you want to be one of those creators whose content is going to impact many others? All you need is to do some research on how some of the top motivational speakers speak and what they highlight. This will give you a real idea. Followed by that, you need to figure out what type of motivation most of your viewers want and why they are not able to achieve it till now. Bridge this gap and create your content accordingly. Any video which has this content will gain the attention of your audience.

Let us take a look at a couple of our favorite inspirational video creators. 

  1. Nick Vujicic- He is the proof of how nothing can stop you if you have motivation within. Born with no arms and no legs and just look at where he is today. He can show the world the importance of determination and perseverance. Youtube suggests his content whenever you want to listen to something inspiring. 
  2. Eric Thomas- A homeless man, a school dropout, but he had the determination and desire to show the world what he is capable of. You can watch his video on youtube and trust us; his speeches are so intense that you cannot stop watching it. 

So if people like this can create such inspiring stories and content, why can’t you make a video, let people watch you and learn from you. Many brands and businesses are also uploading motivational content on their channels. But how can you do it if you are just starting now? 

Leave it to, where you can show the world what you can do by simply creating a video. We have a very simple interface that is free to use. You can make any video of your choice for a YouTube channel that is a motivation for your visitors who watch it regularly. Offeo has a wide range of templates that do most of your work. Choose from among these templates for your video and edit it as you like. Your motivational video will be ready in very little time, as the tools that we offer are pretty easy to use. The drag and drop option makes it easy to use an image in the video. You can even add music, graphics, and animations to it. If interested, a voice-over can also be added. Your video will be like no other, and it will stand out.  Make people watch your motivational video by uploading it on YouTube and impacting their lives.

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