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Video Intro Makers

Win your audiences with Video intros – they are short, to-the-point and primarily provide a brief introduction of your video. It offers an opportunity to jam pack your campaign’s message at the start of the video.

Why do you need an Intro though? Let’s be real – the average user will probably only watch the first 5 seconds of any given video that pops up on their feed – perhaps even shorter if they’re distracted. Your goal as a video marketer is to hook your audience within that few seconds. A well-made Intro helps you do just that. At OFFEO, we have a  intro maker for you to try.

Making an intro for your video is pretty simple with the variety of tools available. We’ve saved you the hassle by compiling a list of 7 intro makers that can help you create an attention-grabbing intro for your next brand video.

OFFEO is an online video ad maker. There are tons of awesome designer templates to choose from to get started. It’s an open secret that the platform has an excellent Intro maker tool.

Creating with OFFEO’s Intro Maker is simple. All you require is your logo, choice of colour scheme and your company’s tagline. Input all these into the tool, and you’ll receive your brand new intro in your email! Choose from 12 different themes. The best thing? It’s FREE to use.

Do you prefer a more customised Intro or content to go with that intro? Enter OFFEO and use the platform to create to your satisfaction. Start with thousands of designer templates.

Take a look at an example of an intro created with OFFEO below

Flixpresss is a standard online intro maker software that is entirely free for use and allows you to make customised video intros easily. Whether you’ve got a slide show that you need an intro for, a commercial you’re working on or a video you need a catchy intro to, Fliexpress got you covered.

Although the standard format is generally MP4 for videos, Flixpress supports all popular video formats – so you can easily save your intro video in whichever video format you desire.

Renderforest is an online video, animation, logo and website maker. You can design logos, create logos, promo videos, slide shows and much more.

It has that all-in-one kind of deal where you have several options to choose from when creating content for your brand. There’s an extensive collection of video templates that are simple to edit. With just a few clicks, Renderforest automatically renders your video, giving it a professional look using the visuals you select.

It also comes at a fairly reasonable price. Create 5 Videos a month for $14. As an intro maker, Renderforest is an excellent option as it offers customisability enabling you to edit lightning, tone and speed.

Panzoid is a community and tools for creating beautiful and custom content. Choose to start from a blank canvas or choose a template done by others in the Community.

Panzoid has an extensive editing suite that lets you modify and edit templates to create an engaging intro for your video. There’s however, a steeper learning curve to work around here. With camera work, lighting, terrain preference and many others, I felt a little overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, the liberty of creating something truly unique with Panzoid earns its position in this list. Take some time to familiarise with this platform and the benefits you can potentially reap is boundless!

Tube Arsenal is a free online video maker that lets you create a custom intro, logo animation, lower third or outro.

Using the platform, it is extremely easy to design intro videos. They have an extensive collection of aesthetically pleasing and unique designs. Other than the usual categories, there are also minimal, abstract and flat templates.

If you choose to go with them, be prepared to fork out a small amount for the videos you download. Every video has a different price, but they range around $12-$14 for an HD video download.

Filmora is a video editing and studio animation software that will be more suited for experienced users. It comes at a price – you have to choose a monthly pricing scheme to use all the features of the platform. It’s all worth it though. Filmora allows you to add overlays, animation, text, music, images, GIFs and a lot more.

Check out some cool features of this software:
1. Work in split screen
2. Audio editor
3. Exporting videos in 4K resolution
4. Create custom backgrounds with green-screens
5. Conduct colour grading
6. Advanced video correction like video stabilisation and speed control features.

If you’re up for it, they are currently (Feb 2019) offering a lifetime deal at $60! An excellent investment for a great video editing option and a fantastic intro maker tool.

Adobe Spark lets you customise and create your video intros for free. In addition, it comes with preloaded storyboards that you can edit and take inspiration from whilst coming up with your own thing.

Once you are done with the storyboard, you can start adding images, video clips, logo, icons and text. You can choose layouts to bring everything together and a soundtrack to tie everything together. Adobe Spark is an excellent choice for those looking to make professional intros for their videos without investing too much time, effort or money.


Making an intro for your video is a definite must to put you ahead of the competition. Go ahead with any one with any of these 7 recommendations.

Regardless of the choice that you made, be sure to revisit the other platforms once in a while. Everybody loves fresh content and capitalising on the strengths of each platform to create your intros is our advise!

Chao Quan Choo

Chao Quan Choo

UI Designer at OFFEO