Instagram Stories are quick and playful, full screen and attention-grabbing, authentic and real-time.
There’s no pressure to be perfect. Stories fulfilled our need to consume, interact and share interesting content.
Stories are optimised for vertical viewing for full-screen experience without interrupting user behaviour.

Stories seen a massive growth

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So, why people love stories?

Fun & Playful

Full Screen

Short & Brief

Authentic & Real

In Stories, you have to capture their attention within 3 seconds.
Today we are focusing on Ads in Stories. Showing you examples, tips and tricks to create Stories that stand out and achieve better returns.

Ads in Stories

Based on millions of stories ads being created, the stories that worked can be categorised into 3 Pillars.




Best Practices

1) Every Second Counts

People consume content “on-the-go” 70% of the time. Capture attention while keeping your messages clear.

Drink Responsibly

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Shop All Day

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2) Show your Brand in 3 secs

80% of the people leave within 3 seconds, show your brand logo or product will help in achieving recall.

Store Reveal

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Guess the Giveaway

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3) Brand as Lead Actor

80% of the people leave within 3 seconds, show your brand logo or product will help in achieving recall.

All New Lipstick

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Product Reveal

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4) Design with Objective in Mind

What’s the main objective of your ad? Is it to increase brand awareness, to tease or encourage conversion for your lead magnet?

Sneak Peek

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Before/After – Beauty

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5) Play with Speed

Vary speed to capture attention. People can absorb more information at a fraction of a second now. You can afford to speed things up to tell more in lesser time.

Speed Countdown

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Before/After – Hair

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6) Multiple Scenes Work Better

Top performing ads had shorter scenes, on average 2.8s per scenes vs 4.1s for lower performing ads.

Food Promotion

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Product Showcase

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7) Sound add relevance

We know that 70% of the people interact your stories on the go and most are probably on sound-off. That doesn’t mean we should discount the power of sound. It adds richness and rhythm to a Story.

One Punch Man

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Ink Burst with Beat

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8) End your Video with Brand

Stories Ads that had branding at the end with a strong call to action performed better among audiences who view the ad in full.

Renovation Step-By-Step

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Product Flavour Promotion

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9) Play More, Have Fun, Get Creative

The beauty of Stories is that we are allowed to experiment and get creative. Nobody is going to fault you for any mistakes. Free yourself from the thought of having to create a “one hit wonder”.

Cartoon Expression Fun

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That’s all we have for now! Now go and get creative and create engaging Stories that your audience love.
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Chao Quan Choo

Chao Quan Choo

UI Designer at OFFEO