6 Tips to Crafting the Perfect Video Intro

It has now become a known fact that videos are among the greatest online tools for attracting potential customers to your business. There are millions of people across the world that stream video content on the Internet each day. 

This means that business owners cannot afford to take their online video marketing lightly. However, effective videos must have meaningful content and good structure. This is why this article focuses on how to make perfect introductory videos. 

Introductory videos are meant to draw the attention of potential customers toward your business. Such videos are brief and highly explanatory. Intro videos should go straight to the point, instead of beating around the bush. Or they could be also used to introduce your brand’s logo (https://offeo.com/free/intro-maker/). 

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When you’ve created business accounts for your establishment on various online platforms, you can proceed to upload the introductory video on such platforms. A good introductory video will greatly assist in expanding your customer base. 

To make an effective introductory video, there are a couple of things you should know, and do. Those things include:


1. Make Short Videos

The internet is loaded with so many pictures, texts, and video content. For this reason, people have a lot of content that they want to view, and they wouldn’t want to waste any second on pointless videos. 

Hence, if you don’t want people to keep ignoring your video, or closing it after a few seconds of watching, you have to make the videos as short as possible. Also, the entire length of the video should explain as much as possible about your services. 

The recommended introductory video length is between 120 to 180 seconds. 


2. Have a Purpose

Before success can be achieved in any field, there has to be a set goal or purpose. This ideology applies to making an effective intro video. 

Identifying the purpose of the intro video, and tailoring it to satisfy that goal, will ensure that it yields a positive result – in terms of attracting prospective clients. 

Besides, a video that doesn’t have purpose will chase people away. Such videos cannot be effective enough to draw the attention of people to your business. 

The perfect intro video will market your business to the online audience, and push them to make more inquiries about your establishment and the provided services. 


3. Humanize Your Brand

Humanizing your brand means making it relevant to people by marketing it on a relatable level. Your target audience should be able to develop a sense of trust for your business whenever they watch your video. 

Feel free to express yourself when making an intro video; loosen up a little, share real experiences and solutions, let your audience know that you understand their needs.

The content created for your potential clients doesn’t have to be overly professional. Be creative, friendly, and honest. 


4. Put a Call-to-Action on Your Video

This is a very important tip for making intro videos. The whole point of making and uploading intro videos is to get potential customers to patronize your business. 

However, for the video to be fully effective, it must have the compelling power to make your audience take action. 

To do this, dedicate the last few seconds of the video to tell them what the next step is – If you want them to visit your website through a link direct, leave a comment on your page, follow/subscribe to your channel, and etcetera. 


5. Turn Off Auto-Play

Video Auto-Play is a feature that’s available on many internet marketing platforms. However, it might come off as an aggressive strategy in some situations. 

Such situations usually involve people, who have a lot of other content they’d like to view, getting slowed down when videos – which they didn’t open – start playing automatically.

Hence, avoid using the auto-play strategy. Allow the audience to choose whether or not they’d like to watch more of your content. Just make sure that your intro video is interesting enough to draw their attention toward your other contents.


6. Don’t Compromise with Quality

Lastly, the quality of your video also affects the reaction of the audience. Serious businesses are expected to upload high-quality content, which has been shot with standard, high-resolution equipment. 

Apart from high-resolution cameras, the video editing tools should also be top-notch – they shouldn’t reduce video resolution. 

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