A review of this year’s rising stars in the digital marketing scene

#1. Chatbots


Reliable customer support is vital for online marketing, but paying support staff can also be incredibly costly.

Chatbots can resolve the bulk of your inquiries. They are a cost-effective alternative to answer common issues raised by your users.
With the right chatbot provider, your users can handle the majority of support issues themselves. You will be surprised to know that most users want to resolve things themselves and do not even want to speak with anyone.

Focus your budget and expenses on queries that matter. You can still keep a smaller support team to deal with more complicated questions that the chatbot cannot handle.

Take a look at Watson Assistant (by IBM) or Liveperson to understand this realm a little better.

#2. Targeted Emails 


Most digital marketers focus on email content itself rather than timing, but sending emails at different times of the day can have a drastic impact on your results. People tend to check their emails at certain times of the day, increasing the chances that they will see your message.

Work breaks are an excellent time to send emails, and these are typically around 8 AM (before work), 1 PM (lunch), and 4 PM (after work). Sending emails during work or later in the day will reduce your open rate and harm conversions.

While those are good times to target for any email, customers are more likely to make purchases at the end of the workday. Just remember to take into consideration the time difference (if any) when sending those emails. 

Bonus: For maximum email ROI, be sure to use an email verification tool before sending out campaigns.

#3. Omnichannel Marketing


How do you remain top-of-mind awareness with your audiences? The answer is simple but challenging to achieve: You strike where it matters and when it matters.

More businesses are beginning to realise the benefits of marketing to multiple channels. Statistics do show that using more than one channel lead to much better results. It is common sense to scatter your nets far and wide to reap a better harvest. A single message alone might not cut it, though.

Omnichannel Marketing (OM) delivers the right message at the right channel at the right time. Any marketing adept knows that a customer journey is more than just spamming the same message. OM delivers welcome sequences, abandoned cart reminders, and other common workflows.

Some popular Omnichannel platforms are Zendesk, Hubspot and Intercom. You would soon realise that the amount they charge is negligible compared to your higher conversion rates.

#4. Video Content Becomes the Preferred Medium


Video has better engagement than any other forms of medium. Digital marketers have always used videos to promote their brands, but video content has become increasingly important over the last few years. It is no surprise that 80% of global internet consumption is video content.

The video ads industry has visibly taken a shift. In addition to traditional forms of video advertising like testimonials, tutorials, and demos, we are starting to see less conventional videos. Video makers are creating live feeds, micro-content, long-form videos, and even episodic content. There has never been more room for digital marketers to experiment with new types of video ads.

Try creating your video ads with OFFEO. OFFEO is an online animated video maker that enables small businesses to make studio-quality marketing videos easily.

#5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


Search engines are one of the most valuable ways to connect with new leads, and a growing percentage of web users perform searches on a mobile device. Load times higher than two or three seconds substantially increase bounce rates, especially for people using smartphones.

Improving your site speed can have a surprising effect on subscriptions and sales, which is one reason Google developed Accelerated Mobile Pages. These sites potentially load in under half a second, and there are already over 4 billion Accelerated Mobile Pages across the internet.

It is never too late to invest in an optimised mobile site. As smartphones continue its march to world domination, you would not want something like loading speeds to get in your way. Get your developers to look at AMP and make your site easily accessible for all your users.

Read more about AMP here.

Try implementing any of these trends in your current strategy if you have not done so. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results. If it doesn’t suit you, take it as an A/B test and move on to other things. Remember that digital marketing knowledge is power.

To greater heights!