4 Video Marketing Trends for 2020

When it comes to marketing, content is definitely king. It’s for this reason why content creators and marketers are competing constantly into coming up with the most engaging and shareable content.

This has also led to the popularity of video marketing in the past few years. If you want to successfully convert audiences into customers, then taking advantage of video marketing is a must.

However, it’s not enough that you learn how to create video content. You must also be updated with the latest trends so you can keep up with your competitors.

Below are the top video marketing trends for 2020.


1. Data-Driven Videos

Almost every brand is interested in data-driven marketing, however, only a few actually end up doing it the right way.

That’s because a data-driven marketing strategy is difficult to achieve and its unbiased and unfiltered data is usually counterintuitive.

But in 2020, marketers are expected to be more open to the importance of data-driven marketing strategy and its role in shaping the digital video strategy. The main driving force behind this change is the steep competition.

There are now more advertisers and businesses than before, and this explains why it’s now more expensive to reach out to the same number of consumers. In this case, the best way to stand out without spending a lot of money is through data-driven video marketing.


2. Optimized Videos for Social Media

Optimization is very important if you want your video marketing strategy to stand out from your competitors.

This year, experts predict that all videos are optimized for every social media platform, which enhances the audience’s viewing experience.

Aside from optimizing the video, it should also be created with excellent quality and be able to meet the needs of each social media platform, such as creating vertical videos for Instagram, square videos for Facebook, and so on.

Facebook’s native video content is known to perform better than merely posting a link to YouTube videos. This can help to make the video stand out on the newsfeed and improve customer engagement.


3. Personalized Videos

When sending out email campaigns, you would be able to entice the receiver into opening it if you personalize it a bit.

This should also be the case for video content. Regardless of the type of content that you’re going to send out, it’s important that you personalize it so your target audiences will be more interested to view it.

When personalizing video content, you should be able to use concrete data while also listening to customer feedback. That way, you can come up with content that’s not only valuable to the viewers but something that they will find relevant as well.


4. Quantity Over Quality

In 2020, marketers would be putting more importance on quantity over quality when creating videos for marketing.

The Social Media Examiner has found that marketers will be ramping up the production of videos and other content. So, if you want to stand out from everyone else who’s rushing to create as many videos as they can, you should focus more on quality.

You don’t really need to create fancy videos, but you should be able to successfully deliver your message across and to the right audiences. Furthermore, there’s no need to invest in an expensive video with professional actors on set. You can focus on creating a cheaper video that’s more authentic.

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