Best Youtube video ideas that anyone can do! We narrowed down 22 great and popular social media trends to get you started on your youtube adventure

The trick to a successful Youtube video is having the right combination of humor and uniqueness. People enjoy watching relatable videos that make them smile after a long tiring day. Don’t try too hard when creating. Always remain both truthful and humble – be natural, be you!

1. Challenges 

Challenges are a great way to get noticed. Youtube’s algorithm will bump your video under “recommended videos”, following another popular youtuber doing the same challenge. Add a twist to a classic challenge or come up with a brand new exciting one. 

Most popular challenges on Youtube: 

  • The whisper challenge
  • The yoga challenge 
  • Eat it or Wear it 
  • Letting the person in front of you decide what you eat
  • Say anything challenge

2. Gaming Videos

There’s a good reason why PewDiePie is one of the most subscribed channels on Youtube – people enjoy funny gaming videos. PieDiePie’s “Let’s Play” gaming commentary remains completely natural and unfiltered which is what makes them enjoyable. Gaming channels have been growing rapidly throughout the years on Youtube attracting millions of subscribers. Make it more interesting by collaborating with a fellow youtuber and allow your comedic banter to come naturally. 

3. Myth Busting 

Conspiracies and myths seem to pop up on social media everyday. Claims such as “coke can clean toilet bowls” or “instant noodles can repair broken things”, leave millions wondering if they really work but are still too lazy to test it out themselves. This is where you come in! Provide viewers with a truthful demonstration of whether or not a myth appears to be what it says it is. 

4. Product Reviews

When looking to invest in a new product nowadays, you first need to watch several product reviews to find the best model for you. Everyone has a hobby or interest – leverage on yours and create personal product reviews. Usually Youtube serves valuable reviews for big ticket items such as music instruments or tech gear, however, creators have done reviews covering everything from food brands to dollar store items. 

5. Travel Vlog

Travelling brings everyone a different experience and tons of interesting content. People watch travel vlogs for many different reasons, be it discovering new places to explore around the world, planning an itinerary for an upcoming trip or simply wanting to live vicariously through others, travel vlogs are always a good idea for any Youtuber. Make your vlogs even more interesting by taking the road less travelled and venture into uncertain territory. 

6. Tutorials

Youtube has become a powerful tool that allows experts and specialists to share their knowledge with others. Youtube features a large range of tutorial videos including videos for beauty, tech, music, fixing, sports, life hacks, math and so much more. 

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7. Music Covers

For all you talented musicians out there, Youtube is a great way for you to show off your skills and get honest reviews from people. Remind yourself to only focus on positive comments and ignore the few inevitable negative ones.

8. Shopping Hauls

Hauls seem to never go out of trend and are extremely simple to shoot. Shopping hauls act as a resourceful, more entertaining and interactive version of the typical catalogue. They also provide people with new ideas on products to try out.

9. House Tour

House tours have become one of the most requested videos on Youtube. People enjoy receiving an exclusive insight into other people’s lives. In fact, tours of anything – schools, cars, backyards, neighborhoods – pretty much work as well. 

10. Pranks

Pranks have become a cultural obsession allowing many Youtubers to make a name for themselves by doing the unexpected and capturing surprised reactions. Humans are wired to crave a little sadism and adrenaline that pranks serve. However, know where to draw the line when it comes to pranks – keep it light, harmless and hilarious. 

11. Competitions

12. Cooking/Baking

Appealing to all the foodies out there, food videos are a great way to share your recipes with others. Funny cooking videos are also wildly popular on Youtube where creators add a twist to traditional cooking, making it into an entertaining challenge. 

13. A day in your Life

Show people a day in your life – your morning routine, night routine, life in a college dorm, life as a sportsman, a teacher, a parent… These videos have always been popular because no matter the routine you show, there will always be a bunch of people that can draw a relation to your life.

14. Parodies

Parodies are imitations done of viral videos online. Looking at the success of skit shows like Saturday Night Live (SNL), it is evident that people love a funny remake of a music video, famous ad, celebrity encounter or political event.

15. Funny and Cute Children

Children say the darndest things and they also make excellent click bait for many people on Youtube. Kids become easy entertainment through their many epic fails. Just remember to bring along a camera to every family gathering and capture the cuteness.

16. Mukbang

Mukbangs are Youtube’s latest craze where creators record themselves eating a large amount of food while interacting with their audiences. Mukbangs will require you to get personable about certain issues since you’re practically sharing a meal with your viewer.

17. Crazy Crafts

Craft tutorials are hard to teach unless you are a fairly experienced artist. However demonstrating crazy crafts could be just what makes you stand out. “Anything is art if an artist says it is.” – Marcel Duchamp

18. Reaction Videos

Reacting to videos and making your reactions entertaining enough to receive a reaction is difficult. But if you are an outgoing person with a robust personality, react to anything in the most colorful way possible – music videos, show plots, old videos, celebrity fashion…

19. Interviews

Getting people’s opinion on a subject is good video content and requires little to no extra props. Interviews can be done on basically anyone. An easy strategy would be to find a frequently discussed topic on social media and record live answers from passersby.  

20. Funny Videos

Making a video funny starts with finding a relatable topic such as having a substitute teacher in school, crushing on someone, your first day at work or extended family gatherings. Then, taking this topic and exaggerating it to the point of humour. Everyone loves a wacky, wild and absolutely ridiculous funny video.

21. Animal Videos

Many studies have shown that watching animal videos boosts moods significantly. People find refuge in watching funny animal videos amidst our increasingly stressful lives. Take advantage of this trend and upload an adorable, lovable, derpy creature.

22. Showcase your City’s Culture

Growing up in your city blesses you with many special secrets and a much deeper understanding about your society’s practices. Take your followers on a journey through your culture and share cool insights that only a local would know.

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