Lights, camera, video. If there is one thing all brands and marketers should be doing regardless of size, budget, audience, industry, country or social network – it’s video marketing.

For one, Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn predicts that their content will “probably” be “all video” by 2021 and Cisco reports 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be videos.

People are already watching more video on Facebook than YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine.

Wait, there’s more.

Let’s start with the social media opportunity of video and how it means more than just eyeballs. In a time when retention is hard to come by, video is winning the retention war.

On their 2018 PROMO Online Video Study, Hila Shitrit Nissim, VP of Communications at Slidely had this to say:

“Considering 44 percent of people watch five or more videos online every single day, social video represents a wildly valuable opportunity for businesses across all industries. Tailoring video content to your target audience can boost your retention rate by 35 percent. And since 71 percent of consumers find sponsored videos relevant or highly relevant, it’s definitely worth investing in a paid campaign to ensure your videos are seen by the right eyeballs.”

Why Video Marketing?

Video makes everything real and personal.

Getting specific, here’s how video can make a difference in social and beyond. Videos help to:

  • Humanize your brand.
  • Educate the buyer.
  • Simplify the complex.
  • Evoke emotion and tell a story.

Videos can be a brand’s chance to move the process from one stage to the next. Whether it’s going from a nobody to a somebody or uneducated to educated or from a firm “no” to a warm “maybe” to a solid “yes.”

Using Videos in the Sales Funnel

“Don’t be like the cable company and only target new prospects and ignore the community,” said social media expert Christine Gritmon at INBOUND 2018.

She reminds us to consider your client’s journey and make the videos to match the journey.

1. Attracting Strangers

This is the stage of attraction. Strangers don’t know anything about your brand.

Create videos that show who you are, what your brand is about, what your vibe is and your personality. Keep these videos short and sweet.

“This targeting should be cold but deliberate,” Gritmon said.

This is where you target by age, geography, and interest, as well as use lookalike audiences matched up to current clients and fans. No need to waste time on targeting current fans and followers – move on to next stage video.

Remember, your vibe will attract your tribe.

2. Converting Visitors

This is a conversion stage, turning strangers into prospects. Visitors are just checking you out, getting to know your brand.

This video type should convey why they need you. How can you get them to know, like, and trust you? And, most importantly, why your brand?

This is when you are showing value and offering things like an email download.

Here is where it makes sense to target using custom audiences such as website visitors, people on your mailing list, and past clients.

3. Closing Leads

Things are starting to get more “official” in the lead stage. Leads are qualified prospects.

This is when you are looking to close the deal. This audience has stuck with you, moving from stranger to visitor.

They are just some breadcrumbs of goodness away from making a commitment. At this point, your mode should be “giving to get.”

What does this look like?

The best types of video for the lead stage of the customer journey would be events such as a Facebook Live, an educational webinar, or even a free Zoom video consult call.

The lead stage is when you target the most engaged and qualified audience. For example, using data from Facebook pixels, email opens, etc., you can weed out the unqualified and keep your laser-focused customer conversion.

Give them something of real value, then ask for their money! Say hello to higher close rates.

4. Delighting Customers

High fives and group hug, you have a new customer who is now also known as your potential promoter.

Considering the trust factor for brands is at an all-time low, good, old-fashioned, word-of-mouth marketing is the new normal.

The videos you created for strangers and leads are now irrelevant to customers. They already signed up and love you… so far. You want them to keep coming back for more business and bring some referrals.

The best types of videos for your customers are ones to delight and add value.

One idea is to create a featured video about a customer success story. You can also gather user-generated content, do something to make their life easier, or make them shine with a freebie of some sorts.

Targeting in this stage includes your community, the ones who are your current customers and also your past ones. The goal is to turn customers into your brand promoters by wowing them in new and innovative ways.

As Jeff Bezos puts it, “Your brand is all about what other people say about you when you are not in the room.”

It’s not about you the brand, it’s about creating the most frictionless experience possible for the customer.

HubSpot co-founder Brian Halligan officially announced the traditional marketing funnel as we know it is broken and has been retired. He points to the new Flywheel approach, putting the customer in the middle of marketing, sales, and service.

There is evidence behind this new approach.

Reports show brands and marketers should be obsessing over customer like never before because the purchasing decisions are being influenced by word of mouth and customer references.

Content is on the back burner of influence, it’s still in the mix, just not the top influencer.

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Original article at Search Engine Journal by Lisa Buyer

Turning Customers into Promoters

Turning your customers into promoters is the most valuable stage of the marketing journey – whether you call it a funnel or flywheel.

The best ROI comes when customers love you and are excited to tell others to check out your brand. They want to be the source of your new business.

This is the stage where user-generated content is cranking and leveraged with brand advocacy programs, affiliates, referrals and makes them partners in your brand journey.

Stepping beyond the customer journey and video, there’s more to video than meets the eye when it comes to video marketing.

Videos Tips in Social & Beyond

All stats point to video being the dominating content in social media. It can help optimize your time, as well as your prospects and clients.

Let’s look at some not-so-obvious ways to use video in and out of social.

Original article at Social Engine Journal by Lisa Buyer

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